I can’t believe I’m saying this!


Welcome to February 2017! What? When did that happen?

Your first step on the road to your dream home was deciding in, which fabulous high-rise tower you wanted to move to. Now, what next?

Making that space say, “This is why I chose this home!”

The latest design magazines, style magazines and simply color magazines are a great way to start your journey, but I want you looking at the pages in a different way.

First, go through the magazine quickly for a first glance. Then, go back and see what image on what page catches your eye. Tear out that page. Do this in each magazine. Tear out you say? Well it is your magazine and the purpose here is to define down what is catching your attention.

Color, is your eye being caught by deeper tones? Are you being uplifted by softer colors? Are they in the cool or warmer tints?

I have a client who was reluctant to have guests come to her home…she even went so far as to rent a room in a hotel to have a party, when her home was certainly spacious enough to handle a nice group of folks.

When we sat down for my first design interview, I noticed she was visibly upset. What I found out was, she hated her home. The colors were all wrong for her personality, the house was physically too dark.

People who are cool color people, should not think about dark, earthy tones for their home. Now understand this when I mention cool versus warm colors. Almost, 95% of all customers decorate in warmer colors. Someone who normally dresses in blues, purples etc. would get very tired of dark blue or purple on their walls….but there is an artistic way to bring those cool colors in and be able to change them when you are tired of them.

Start with a cooler white color on your walls for example, icy whites versus creamy whites. Dramatic white sheers floor to ceiling to high-light your wonderful windows onto the world. Then take a wonderful splash of color such as blue, fuchsia, purple and “paint” the sides with trailing panels.

You have a wide open palette to work with. Look at some of the fabulous fabrics at the design boutiques in town….You too can have fabulous windows at a fraction of a showroom price.

Now find a fairly neutral sofa, loveseat, sectional for your main space. Again, go toward the cooler shades, you can add color and razzle dazzle with throws and pillows. I love changing my pillows with the different seasons, so a neutral seating area lets me have fun with my accessories.

Lighting is important as well. Add details of your favorites, then make sure the bulbs are a cool white.

Share the joy of your new home with family and friends. Listen to their comments about what they love about your new space, so you can formulate your design plans for 2017!

Love the adventure you are on, don’t let stress step in your path…have a friend who understands your plan look at your photos from the mags and go for it!

This is the start toward your happiest home, have fun!

Carol Townsend

Stage This Interior Design

[email protected]

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