At the Martin – January 26, 2017

Photos by: Murtaza Karimzada

Rahimi Designs & High Rise Life teamed up for a private viewing party of Penthouse Units 4307 & 4407. Guests were entertained, with live music, open bar, and spectacular views of the Las Vegas strip


Mike Brenesell, Melissa & Bernie Mcgrenaghan


Ramak Samadi, Pedram Rahim


Diane Cabral & David Cabral


Grace Royals & Donnie Hill


Andrew Young & Stacie Young


Brad Roska, Amanda Coon, Sara O’Connor & Britney Reilly


Selcen Kavruklar & Mery Nikolova


Eddie Karami


Dr. Pouya Mohajer & Sam Sedaghat


Bryan Jones & Makinlee Edward


Roi Ford & Shanti Ford


Edvardo, Champagnee & Karey
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