March!!! Where is the time flying?

You just moved in…over six months ago, how can time go by so fast? Furniture is in place, accessories are hung and lighting has been installed so all that beautiful art glows as the artist designed it to do.

BUT…..something just seems to be missing. You love what you’ve accomplished, but it is missing the WOW factor you want for this special home.
Let’s talk slabs of stone for a wall, or in the kitchen or bathroom.

Beautiful slabs of stones have been imported from places like China, Brazil, and Italy for generations.

These pieces are works of art and can be, that WOW you’ve been looking for all along.

You could create a dramatic statement in your living room, by putting a backlight on ONYX stone above your fireplace.

Instead of glass sliding doors on your master shower, you could put an access wall of stone. The world of WOW awaits you. Visit a stone yard with your designer and begin to see all the possibilities.
Recently, I walked into a kitchen where the backsplash tiles had been painstakingly removed from the wall, but the client had no idea what to put there instead. They also wanted the current granite counter tops and step up demi wall removed, that is evident in many kitchens designs from the 90’s. In order, to expand the counter as an island, where guests could sit, chat and enjoy a glass of wine.

When we went to the stone yard, they could not get over the possibilities before them. Taking guidance from their designer, they found a beautiful stone, that could be their art piece on their wall. We also, found a gorgeous piece of marbled quartz for the countertops and even had some left to do the wet bar. Thus, allowing us to unify color and design and create an open design concept.

The ways in which you can focus on a slab of stone become endless. If you found a dramatic piece, it could become the table top in your dining area.
Backlit at night to show all the beautiful variations in the stone.

Come on, let your natural state of mind meld with the fabulous designs from Nature!

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