Ancient cultures all over the world have the deepest respect for Mother Nature and its cycles. At the basis of life itself, there has always been a time to plant and time to harvest. Recently, we’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve. After that, we celebrated the Chinese New Year, but for some New Years is actually on March 20th! Spring Equinox is one of the most important days for humanity, since the beginning of time. Understanding, the earth cycles can lead to abundant crops and the continuation of life here on earth.

The Spring Equinox is a magical day when day and night are equal in duration. During this day nature awakens from its sleepy winter…. In the spring, life itself seems to be happy with its abundant blooming colors of trees and flowers. The outside world turns into a rainbow-like a road leading into the mystery of a new year.

In the 10th century, famous scolar Biruni shared, that Persian people’s belief of Nowruz marked the first day, that the universe went into motion. Many cultures have different names for this day. For countries in the Balkans, Black Sea area, the wide range of the Caucus mountains, and in Central & Western Asia this day is called Nowruz, and has been celebrated for over 3,000 years by every generation! This holiday is very popular among the Persian population across the world, and today it is still a holy day for Zoroastrians. This holiday is shared amongst indigenous people in Central & South America such as the: Inca, Mayan, and Aztecs.

The Christian Church considers March 21st an equinox day. Persians, consider it to be on
March 20th and celebrate it for 13 days. Jewish Passover is usually on the first full moon after the equinox. This exemplifies the fact, that Mother Nature knows only love, and unites people from every continent together in celebration.

The Celebration of Spring- the Spring that animates life, like the spirit of love that kisses the earth and makes it bloom its flowers is a beautiful tradition to have. It’s amazing to see that the Greeks, Jews, Arabs, Sabians, Armenians,
Persians and many other cultures
have their own version of this celebration.

From the famous Persian poet, Omar Khayam, who is a source of beauty, wisdom, and the mysteries of life:

Raise your cups like tulips springing up at Nowruz.
Drink wine happily with a
tulip-faced companion,
if you have a chance.
As this wheel of fortune, like a storm,
can knock you down in a flash.

Together, we can raise a cup and celebrate like all the ancients did, in every continent, in every country for 3,000 years and more to come!
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