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HELLO AND WELCOME to the new Men’s Fashion column! My name is Caleb Nealey; I am an Instagram Fashion Influencer
(@calebnealeystyle), and also run a website geared to help men further their sense of style (

I am going to start off with just a little background with how I became involved in fashion, and becoming an Influencer. I began having an interest in fashion when I started high school; it was all about looking more mature and presenting myself in a better way. Personally, I believe one’s style displays self-respect.


Being a fan of fashion, I had always envied fashion influencers on social media, I thought it was so cool, and I wanted to be one. I wanted to show people from different countries my style. So after high school, I decided to go for it! I started taking pictures displaying my outfits, and posting them on social media. After awhile, my page began to grow with more people enjoying my posts, and being a fan of my style. When my page kept growing, I started to receive requests to start up a fashion blog; to go more in depth about fashion rather than just showing my outfits. I had the thought before to start up my own blog and never really went through with it, but when I got messages requesting for me to start one up, I didn’t hesitate!

Being a fashion influencer has given me many great opportunities, the most recent is being able to share with you, the readers of High Rise Life magazine.



With the transition from winter to spring,

It is time to talk about fashionable options for the spring! The only problem spring poses is the weather, since it fluctuates constantly in the springtime.

The best approach for fashion in the spring is preparation. Preparation is key in the spring when planning outfits. Prepare for cold, breezy, warm, and where I’m from, rain. The best way to prepare for the weather changes that comes with spring, is layering. In the morning it tends to be chilly, afternoon it could get warm, or rainy, and it could go back to cold at night. You never know what spring will bring; all I know is that we are getting closer to summer!

Let’s talk about layering. I’ve been the victim of cold spring mornings too many times for me not to layer during this season. I would suggest a coat in the morning; the type of coat differs on location and climate. You could have a simple bomber, or denim jacket if the mornings are not that cold. Or you could have a trench coat if your climate is in the freezing temperatures to start the day off. The perks of layering is that you can leave the coat in your car as the day goes on, or possibly leave it at the office to enjoy the nice spring afternoon on a lunch break, whatever you want! That’s the beauty of layering, and can always take a layer off; rather than wishing you had brought a jacket with you.

As far as the rest of the outfit goes, you can incorporate these items; for jackets: a bomber jacket or a trench coat. For shirts: a classic button-down, plain tee, and a graphic tee. For pants: slacks, chinos, or a cool distressed pair of jeans. And lastly, shoes: you can’t go wrong with a pair of Chelsea boots, it can give a classy or casual look; some sneakers, and some dress shoes if you want to go with a more dapper look. With this short-list of items, the possibilities a virtually endless!

Do not worry about your style being different. Embrace being different, fashion is all about trying new things and seeing what works.
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