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Just imagine… You are standing in an ancient Mayan city surrounded by the rich greenery of lush tropical jungles. The air is wet, and you can smell rain. Nature is blossoming and is getting ready to explode with even more colors in flowers and trees after a rainy tropical season. Everything is alive, everything is vibrating with life and pulsating with bright colors. Flora and fauna are abundant here, and animals are prowling with grace and ease….


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This is what it feels like when you see the new Spring-Summer 2017 Collection by Roberto Cavalli. Forty-five years after he began designing fashions, this line is still true to its origin.

I’m inside the biggest Roberto Cavalli store in America, located in The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas, Nevada, surrounded by Swarovski crystals chandeliers and lots of mirrors and gold. I feel like I’m in a gold labyrinth that reflects colorful luxury around me. Oh yes, and liquid gold – French champagne is served here as well, just the way I like it – and you’d like it too!

Entwined golden snakes adorn shoes, purses, jewelry, and even the door handles of his store; they are but one of designer Cavalli’s signature symbols. After all, for the ancient Mayans, the snake was a symbol of wisdom, life force, and rebirth. Wearing shoes made from real snake skin or appearing in a jacket or jeans featuring snake skin patterns will make you feel like an ancient goddess!

Jaguars are embedded in many pieces for men and women. Roberto Cavalli is famous for his patented unique work with leather, which is in abundant here. After all, ANIMAL PRINT is Roberto Cavalli DNA. Animals are powerful totems for Native Americans for a reason.

Roberto Cavalli Store Manager Cristina Daireaux, excitedly shared that the 2017 collection is full of Bohemian looks with lots of colors and flowers. “Stunning and unique runway pieces are already being received in this store. It’s a perfect balance of yin and yang with animal prints, flowers, and solids.”

The collection is full of amazing detail with lots of leather fringe, feather embellishments, and playful tassels. Feathers are a symbol of Great Spirit. To be given a feather meant to be chosen from many and to receive a gift from above.


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Fashion consultants here love to help style their clients to find their own unconventionally best look. Do you know your style? What a pleasure to be a unique YOU! Dresses with Mayan and Aztec designs off the shoulders offer a dramatic flair. You can feel the fabric gently falling and hugging your body with beautiful and colorful prints. It’s a bestselling maxi dress from a stretchy material – a must this season.
I must mention that bright 70’s jeans are a great addition to any wardrobe, but you already know that!

Store Manager Cristina Daireaux states that, “This collection has timeless pieces that you could wear for ten or twenty years, and they will still look brand new. This line represents the woman of today.”
Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Ciara all mention, that they appreciate Roberto Cavalli’s collection at this store. Red Carpet events like the Oscars, the Grammys, the Cannes Film Festival, or any other flashy event cannot be imagined without the glamour of Roberto Cavalli!

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