April Showers Bring May Flowers…

So we are into SPRING! How wonderful is that? In your tower home, what can you do to make that leap from winter to spring?

Let’s talk accessories! Look around your home, and out through those beautiful windows to our desert vistas…what comes to mind?

Maybe, some clay pottery, sky blue pillows, rugs, artwork, and an interior waterfall to bring the signs of life inside.

I actually change my interior environment seasonally, and that means such a fresh new look every three months. It is not as expensive as getting rid of your furniture selections, it just means putting new color on them to spruce them up. Wake up that sofa with splashes of sea colored pillows, and soft throws in loosely loomed weaves to promote that airy look.

Art is such a huge element of your finished look. You can easily change that big piece over your sofa by adding spring colors. What a difference it can make to your space. Add some great tall palms and Philodendrons in colorful pots. Put those pots on rolling stands so you can rearrange them easily in your beautiful spaces.

Paint an accent wall! Just one color added to a focal wall can be a dynamic change. You don’t have a huge investment in paint, for the colorful change it will add to your space.

One of my customers prefers muted tones, so we did a sand color paint on her accent wall. Depending on the light coming in from her windows, the time of day, etc… her wall came alive with colors of lavender, taupe-gray. She can re-accessorize in the colors of each season and that wall will be like a giant chameleon, changing soft colors to work with her purchases.

Now let’s look back at my comments in January…about using Feng Shui for the purpose of bringing peace and tranquility to your home. The changing of the seasons are perfect for the study of Feng Shui. Our personal space reflects or redirects our moods. If you have dark colors surrounding you when the spring light is shouting: Come out and play! You may find yourself not wanting to be at home because it is too dark. Changing just a few areas in your home to reflect this new, fresh time on the calendar, can have you falling in love with your stupendous tower abode all over again.

So, as always, do your homework. Speak to a professional and get their perspective on what nuances can be changed without a huge expense factor. If you do find a piece of art that just says “Take me home, I’m yours!” and it is expensive, chalk that up as that piece of artwork has been trying to find you for a while. Art is an investment, as well as a statement in your home. Live it up.

Look at design magazines showing you the spring-summer trends for this year. Are there elements you already have that can be tweaked to say spring update?

I have a longtime customer who asks my advice on color for her properties constantly…does she have the eye to make those changes herself? Of course, but she relies on my advice because I’ve been working with her for…oh my gosh, over thirty years, and says when I pick a color it lasts her five or more years because of the timelessness tint or tone. She could pick out a soft peach color, but would never have thought of the bolder color of Cantaloupe instead.

She also constantly throws new accessories in, that she finds and says the colors always jazz together what she has brought home.

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