Skin is said to be the epithelial cover of the human body, that protects you from the harsh external environment. Yet it is one of the most sensitive regions of the body, that most be protected from harmful surroundings and needs high-level of care and nourishment.

Women move from earth to sky and back to restore their natural facial beauty. For this they also try skin care products available, which simultaneously hydrate their skin…lock adequate moisture…remove tan and blemishes…make the skin tone even….and most importantly, enhance their fairness. They always want their skin to look fresh and supple, which provides them with a refreshing and attractive look.

April 2017, brings in a new trend of skin care for the season. You will see innovations in the skin care genre, which reach a breakneck pace due to the usage of dermatologist ranked handheld devices and innovative buzz-worthy ingredients taking over the beauty industry. Taking a start on the latest trends in skincare, the first of them is great skin starts in the gut. Pro-biotics are in the mainstream and will continue to be at the forefront. Pro-biotics will give you a healthier gut, which in turn will reflect off on your skin. It will fight the bacteria causing inflammations and give you a radiant and glowing skin.

Hyaluronic acid, is also sweeping the shelves of drug stores this season and is acting as the core ingredient to give you a healthy and fresh skin. Cleansing habit is taking hype in this regard, and a huge line of cleansing products and makeup range is launched in the market to give you a skin you lust for. Regular cleansing with hydrators and moisturizers will combat inflammations like eczema, and acne and will provide the accurate range of moisture to your skin for making it plump and fresh.

Retinoids are also making a buzz, and are trending this season as they boost up the skin care regimen with the excess of vitamin B and E loaded in them, that further make your skin look radiant and plump. Apart from all these synthetic deals, ingestible beauty is making a lead. Nothing can give you a younger, healthier, radiant, plump, supple, and vibrant skin than a natural diet loaded with all essential nutrients. Eating right is a key to radiant glowing skin.

Apart from all these skin care trends for the season, do consider the atmosphere in which you live in. It is going to play a fundamental role in the type of skin you own. If residing in a harsh, dry and desert conditions or suburbs, as we experience here in Las Vegas… go for water-based beauty products to hydrate your skin as far as possible. In addition, to water-based makeup range make sure, that you are providing enough moisture and oil to your skin via your diet. Consider incorporating proteins, minerals, vitamins, water-based beverages, non-caffeinated foods, and meat to provide balanced fats. Treat your skin with moisturizers and cleansers to remove dirt and avoid clogging the skin pores. Sunscreens should be the must present product in your handbag, this season, and every season to provide you with a protection layer against the harmful UV-rays of the sun and harsh environment.

Make sure your skin is glowing this season!

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