“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

Leonardo da Vinci


2017 TOP Surgeon!

He’s been selected by his patients for a reason. He has the miracle hands of Davinci! You think it’s too much? What if I asked the 26-year-old young mother, that got in a car accident in Springfield, IL, and broke her neck and injured aorta?

What If I asked the 15-year-old girl, that came in with a bullet in her chest and who was declared dead when she was brought in?

What if I asked the patient, that was rushed in with undetectable blood pressure, multiple injuries, and damages to main blood vessels after an explosion and was on the edge between life and death?

If I asked the people that were supposed to be dead…. They would agree with me! All these people have a new birthday now. The day when they were saved…

Modern technology, infrastructure, and the skills of Dr. Kiarash Mirkia, with the help of the hands of Da Vinci allow patients to get a second chance in life. He helps his clients with minimally invasive procedures, his wisdom, and his expertise. Before, the same patients would have to stay in hospital for weeks and months, but not anymore.

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Medical doctor, surgeon, trauma specialist, clinical researcher, speaker, and publisher of multiple medical articles, Dr. Mirkia is licensed in Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, New York, Montana, and Wisconsin. He’s gracefully received many awards for his phenomenal work. This surgical genius travels to the third world to perform surgeries & provide medical care for those in need. The admiration for his medical missions continually increases, and you’ll agree after you hear the incredible stories that changed have patients’ lives!

He continues to be a strong figure in our community and gives back in countless ways. 20-35% of his patients he helps through his pro bono care, he does this for those that do not have insurance for surgeries. As a member of The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, NV and Springfield, IL he continues his philanthropic endeavors for those in need. Dr. Mirkia completes the most complicated surgeries, and handles cases of cancer patients or patients with serious infections. He not only saves lives, but makes sure patients look their best.

He has been in Las Vegas since 2008, where he relocated to Las Vegas from Chicago. He’s a Master of Robotic Da Vinci Surgery, invented by Intuitive Surgery corporation. This machine can be operated remotely over the internet and allows the surgeon to operate over a council, while robotic arms perform the surgery. You could be sitting in Las Vegas and be operating on a patient on the other side of the world! Modern technology is truly miraculous.

Dr. Mirkia, is also trained on how to take care of his patients after procedures. Maya Medical Spa is his home in Las Vegas. Here, he provides surgical care, Robotic Da Vinci, minimally invasive, and reconstructive surgery. He also, performs popular procedures such as Botox, fillers, Smart Lipo, & Platelet Rich Plasma- Kim Kardashian made this procedure famous as it is commonly known as the Vampire’s Face Lift. Everyone over 30 can benefit from PRP and should have an individual consultation with Dr. Mirkia. As for Botox, he thinks that anyone over 20 could have it, because some wrinkles are harder to flatten out with Botox if you are in your 40s, than if you started at 23.

Everyone today knows, that traditional liposuction is a lot of work for a surgeon. They traumatize the fat, which is then suctioned out. Thus, the patient is left with a lot of bruising, pain, and discomfort. At Maya Medical Spa, you don’t have to go through this anymore. A Smart Lipo with a laser fiber is inserted and then the fat is melted, to completely liquefy it, then the laser tightens the skin, where the fat is then suctioned out. The results are tremendous and with this technique, there is less discomfort, less bruising and less pain! It used to be called a “Lunchtime Lipo,” and it is a great tool to get rid of fat in your neck, waist, back, arms, thighs, or anywhere else you might need! The best part is that you’ll have the Da Vinci Hands of Dr. Mirkia, working with you to create even more of a Masterpiece out of you. Let your beauty be even more vibrant.

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