For those who have a liking for an adrenaline rush or cliff jumping, Nelson’s Landing might be the perfect experience you are seeking. Believe it or not – it’s family friendly. There are no sharp rocks below the cliffs, so you don’t have to worry about hitting anything. There are cliffs of different heights, so even young children who know how to swim, or who have a life vest on and are accompanied by an adult, can have a good time jumping off of the smaller cliffs. For those who really like to have a long jump it’s only a short walk out to the higher cliffs. There are coves all around and shallow swimming areas that are shaded by the high rocks. This location is really “Off the Beaten Path.” Most people do not even know about these cliffs, but once you make the drive or boating trip out there you will want to go back.

HOW TO GET THERE BY WATER: Nelson’s Landing is on the Nevada side of Lake Mohave, about 16 miles north of Cottonwood Cove by water if you go by boat. Although there is no launch ramp nearby the cliffs; the closest boat ramp would be Cottonwood Cove, but you can have a great boating trip getting over to the cliffs by boat. You can call ahead to rent a boat for day use or you can make a weekend of it and rent a houseboat from Cottonwood Cove Marina. For those who are driving out for the day, there is a paved road that takes you within a half mile of the lake, and then it turns into a dirt road and continues all the way down to the lake edge. Nelson’s Landing is about 25 miles from Boulder City by road.

HOW TO GET THERE BY CAR: Just South of Boulder City. Going southeast as you leave Las Vegas, just past Henderson and before Boulder City, take a right turn (going South) on highway 95 South. Approximately 10 miles, you come to the road marked 165; it will be on your left, look for it there are no signs that tell you to turn there. At that intersection is a Monument, Nevada Centennial Marker #9 that is the road that follows El Dorado Canyon, through the El Dorado Mountains past the private mines on the right side of the road to the Public Recreation Area. You will enjoy this drive as you go down the long and winding road, which is a downhill grade from there. The road ends at a spectacular overlook at the Colorado River.

Added bonus, when you are driving out to Nelson’s Landing, you will drive through the old town of Nelson which is now an old Ghost Town and you can stop and take pictures and explore all around the area. This was one of the first major gold strike areas in Nevada, several million dollars of gold, silver and copper came from these mines in the late 1800’s. If you are going with children, please use caution and keep them close to you as old mines can still be dangerous if a child unknowingly went into one.

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