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Wade Martin is an English-born artist, celebrity DJ, music producer, and owner of Wade Martin Studios. Martin notes, “I gravitated towards playing musical instruments as a child.”

At the age of 8, Martin wrote his first song. Then, from ages of 8 through 14, he was so driven and self-motivated, he wrote so many songs that he convinced his parents to buy him a tape recorder in which he recorded four tracks for the first time: piano, guitar, drums, and his voice.

He soon achieved quite a success in the Canary Islands and Spain and quickly gained recognition. Martin sold cassette tapes from the trunk of his car and was so successful that, by the age of 17, he could buy his first house with cash that he got from his sales.

“I thought I was INVINCIBLE,” Martin recalls.

At the age of 18, he moved to United States and thought he could easily duplicate the success, but it wasn’t as easy as he had hoped. “US was a different animal and I was not able to replicate the success I had in Europe.”

At the age of 24, Martin finally achieved great success by producing for names such as: 50 Cent, Nas, and R. Kelly. He built his recording studio in Arizona, but was hit by another adversity. Challenges that hit everyone in the music business at that time: technology. People were able to stream music and they STOPPED buying music! The process of buying CDs basically stopped and everyone was just uploading, ripping tracks through different software.

In the early 2000s, a boom of “click producers” took over musical industry. People would create tracks in Garage Band and would sell it dirt cheap to record labels. “My income, because of this technology crashed.” Said Martin. The income from his recording studio went away. Artists began recording themselves at home with all the new and easy technology. Wade Martin had to create something new and he did… He became a music producer to the stars.

I met Wade Martin 7 years ago and got to see how he moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas and created WORLD’S #1 Studio here.

He worked with celebrity artists and bands like, Icona Pop, Flavor Flav, Wyclef Jean, Steve Aoki, DMX, Britney Spears, Carrot Top, Rolling Stones and many more…

Martin always aims to create more and try things that haven’t been done before. Multi-talented Martin admits that despite the variety, our market is lacking high quality headphones. A new headphone line, custom designed by Wade Martin with EXEO Entertainment, is coming out in the market at Best Buy. “It will be the best on the market,” he said.

His other important project is the release of a new music video, “Someone to You,” with Jadelle (song and music written by Wade Martin). Stay tuned and check out his Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

At the end of our interview, with his British accent, Martin notes, “I’m going to be highest paid DJ by the end of the year.”

Remember when time comes, you’ve heard it here first!

Yelena Brezhneva
Author, Mother of Three, Philanthropist, Las Vegas Personality and High Rise-Luxury Home Specialist with Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of Wade Martin

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