What’s our design inspiration for July? We have addressed so many topics since December, such as how to make your beautiful place in the tower special, but this month let’s talk about flooring and wall coverings.

I have always loved when a customer asks, “What can I do with my floors, Carol?” Now, in the mind of this designer, that calls for a playful attitude.

Flooring and wall coverings are another source of art for me. With a plethora of choices on the market, what do you want to achieve? The world is your oyster.

Stone floors are beautiful and timeless. They add elegance and down to earth tones to your décor. The tiles that are available today are another source of artfulness. In the nineties, we spoke the language of ceramics. Today, processes have been refined and you can find almost any style you love in the porcelain family.

Why is this important? We know that the buildings we live in are in constant motion, but not enough that you can feel it. Your floors can tell you when the building has moved through the appearance of small cracks. Porcelain will not shift, crack, or chip like the ceramics. This is because they are fired at a much higher temperature, making them strong and stable. Porcelain may also have smaller grout lines because of its stability, so you will not see the grout lines cracking like you would with ceramic tiles.

Wood-like tiles were introduced a few years ago and have grown into a wide selection. In the world of high-rise living, these applications are perfect alternative option over wood floors.

Now, let’s talk some fun! Wallcoverings are new, updated and very exciting. Nothing could be better for those accent walls that you just don’t know what to do with. Treat these walls as possible pieces of art. The latest wallcoverings are very artistic. Not your old-fashioned wallpapers that we remember from the past. With corks, metallics, and graphics, these pieces are worth the price of admission.
If you have not seen the advertisements for all the wonderful choices in these products, you owe it to yourself to go on a mission, and see them.

Let’s do something fun, it’s summer time, and summer calls for fun!

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