In our ever-changing world when everything is fast paced and dynamically evolving, style and fashion must be kept up to speed! A designer’s work must be imaginative, inspiring, creative, intelligent, and a-la-mode.

angeles scorsetti design high rise life magazine
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Angeles Scorsetti, an Argentinian sensation and CEO of Scorsetti Designs LLC., knows how to keep up with latest & hottest trends. You can find her curating in Milan in Salone del Mobile, the world’s most keenly awaited event in the world of furniture and design, where all the future trends, visual aspects in design from lighting, fixtures, and furniture are brought to life. You can also spot her in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, where she travels frequently to be in the frontier of the latest developments in fashion and design. Her inspiration comes from her world travels and her childhood.

Design was embedded in Scorsetti at a young age with her grandfather working as a general contractor, her father’s involvement with real estate, and her mother’s love of beautiful antiques.

Her clientele and projects are very diverse and range from Mandarin Oriental, Veer Towers, Turnberry Towers, One Queensridge Place, Panorama Towers, The Martin, DragonRidge Country Club, and Beverly Hills to name a few.

angeles scorsetti design high rise life magazine

Scorsetti Design has long been in the business of creating glamourous atmospheres with their distinctive timeless design concepts. Scorsetti’s décor play in multiple repertoires, keeping the purity of style with an innovative touch, while adding a bold opulent statement. After more that 12 years in business and service, you can see a difference from other designer companies in exclusive and individual Scorsetti blueprint.

The DNA of Scorsetti Design is glamour and chic.
“It’s the woods, it’s the glass, it’s the mirrors, it’s the wallpapers,” said Angeles during our interview. Her travels become the source of Scorsetti’s glamorous, chic, and timeless modèle.

After being so long in the business, what is the most interesting request you had from your clients?
We had a really extreme and wealthy client that had a penthouse in the Sierra Towers in Beverly Hills. His rooftop deck was about 2,500 sq ft. We had to hire a helicopter to fly in a very unique, customized hot tub. To get all kinds of permission and HOA compliance was a very difficult task, but we made it happen.

angeles scorsetti design high rise life magazine

What is hot on the market today?
“It’s the contemporary trends, it’s white floor with grey theme, very clean and slick lines, and lots of glass. White glossy cabinets, chrome, and big floor tiles. Also, very glam, chic, bold reds, blacks, and dark tones are very fashionable today. A lot of new contemporary design will start getting old in 3-4 years with wear and tear so we prefer to stay more with glam chic.”

For Scorsetti and her husband Steve Mason, their personal residence is one of their favorite projects completed. “We started with a grey shell—which was our white canvas and added our glamour and chic style. There is a timeless element to the design, twenty years later you can walk into our Mandarin Oriental penthouse and it would still look amazing. We had neither design nor budget limits. We took that white canvas and made it spectacular and beautiful, with a touch of elegance.” Noted Steve Mason.

What advice can you give our readers when they are looking for the right design company?
“First thing would be chemistry and excellent communication.” President of Scorsetti Design LLC.Steve Mason explains, “It’s important to have client’s involvement in the hands-on process of presentation, the renderings, and follow-up calls. It’s all in the sociology of being with another human and clearly understanding their needs and requests. Clients have an opportunity to develop inspirations and ideas at our studio.”

Scorsetti Designs keys to success are attention to details and great communication with clients and builders. | Schedule your appointment today 702.688. 0941


Article by Yelena Brezhneva
Author, Mother of Three, Philanthropist, Las Vegas Personality and High Rise-Luxury Home Specialist with Sotheby’s International Realty

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