Hello Las Vegas fans! This month I am writing about Bryce Canyon, because with the temperatures rising here in Las Vegas, you may be seeking a getaway to cooler climates. Bryce Canyon National Park has an arid climate, and at the same time you will enjoy the colorful geology and natural settings with dramatic color contrasts, while getting an education all at the same time.

Bryce Canyon National Park offers something special for everyone. The National Park is famous for its fantastic views and historical geology.

Originally established as a national monument in 1923, in 1928 it became an official National Park when the park’s enabling legislation was passed and signed into law. Then later in 1977, the park was designated a Class I air quality area, receiving the highest protection under the Clean Air Act. The purpose of the park is to protect and conserve resources integral to a landscape of unusual scenic beauty exemplified by high colored and fantastically eroded geological features, all for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

Bryce Canyon National Park has been referred to as “a scientist’s laboratory and a child’s playground.” Because Bryce Canyon transcends 2000 feet in elevation, the park exists in three distinct climatic zones: Spruce/fir forest, Ponderosa Pine forest, and Pinyon Pine/Juniper forest. This diversity of habitat provides for high biodiversity. When you visit Bryce Canyon, you can enjoy over 100 species of birds, dozens of mammals, and more than a thousand plant species. That is amazing and is only a short distance from Las Vegas.

The drive to Bryce Canyon National Park is about 4 hours. It is 265 miles from downtown Las Vegas. Just head northeast to Utah as though you were going to St. George. A $30 entrance fee to Bryce Canyon entitles you to unlimited use of the Bryce Canyon Shuttle buses. The Shuttle runs tours from 8:00 am 7:00 pm.

Bryce Canyon offers two campground sites (one in winter) and lodging is available at the Bryce Canyon Lodge during the summer season. During the winter season, hotel rooms are available in the park at the Sunset Hotel.

If you have children- or not- and would like to take an educational and fun trip, take advantage of the Ranger Guided Activities, they include:

GEOLOGY TALKS: Daily – Year-round
Where: Sunset Point. Duration: ½ hr.

Geologists have spent years studying the unique story of Bryce Canyon that includes ancient lakes and frost-wedging. Join the Ranger as they discuss the current scientific explanation behind Bryce Canyon’s unique geologic history.

RIM WALK: Daily – Spring, Summer & Fall
Where: Sunset Point. Duration: 1½ hrs. – 1-mile Roundtrip
Great views, fascinating plant, and wildlife stories, a touch of geology and a wealth of cultural history — what more could you want? Join a park ranger for an overview of Bryce Canyon as you stroll along the rim of the Bryce Amphitheater.

EVENING PROGRAMS: Nightly – Summer & Fall
Where: Varies, Duration: 1 hr.

Evening programs offer an in-depth look at some of the compelling stories and interesting resources that Bryce Canyon protects. Check at visitor center for topics, start times, and locations.

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