“Good Design Needs No Explanation.” Michael Amini

In the world of Michael Amini, CEO and Founder of Amini Innovation Corporation [AICO], furniture takes on a whole new meaning. His passion for design has built him a furniture empire that surpasses expectations.

Amini, who had started off his career as an engineer quickly realized at a young age that it was not fit for him. But as for furniture he noted, “I can design furniture and I can sell it.” 29 years later, AICO with its Pico Rivera headquarters has set an industry standard in furniture with the highest level of quality and workmanship with products marketed in over 85 countries.

michael amini high rise life magazine

“I am in the furniture business because I love furniture, I love fashion and design.” Michael Amini

His passion for furniture can be seen in his intricately designed one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by his love of world travel, fashion, and architecture. His collection features glamourous upholstered head boards, elegantly carved wood pieces with hidden compartments, Swarovski crystal details, unique lighting, and velvet-lined drawers. His design collaborations over the years with multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Winner Actress Jane Saymour, has added a Hollywood dose of glamour to his collection. His work with Saymour, successfully captures the romance of Hollywood gracefully with its sophisticated charm with an elegant French Regency flare.

michael amini high rise life magazine

Among AICO’s product lines are complete case goods collections with an extensive line ranging from traditional to contemporary, high-fashion upholstery, accent pieces, top-of-the-bed fashions, stunning artwork, rugs, and a commercial and contract division called Aico Office Systems.

When Amini is not traveling the world for inspiration, you can find him busy creating and working with his team at his headquarters. Amini, who has a keen eye for perfection and detail noted, “There is a constant movement of furniture being loaded, assembled, and I just love being a part of the action.”

During this time of the year, Amini visits his home in Las Vegas as he displays his latest collection at the Las Vegas Market; one of the most comprehensive furniture and home décor market in the United States.

Setting afoot inside Amini’s Las Vegas penthouse, you can see his grandeur taste and artistic vision come to life. It has many of the elements found in a sophisticated Parisian abode: murals delicately painted on the ceilings, a grand salon with French blue velvet and intricate gold accents, imported stones and mosaic flooring, crystal chandeliers, grand drapes, opulent crown molding, and beautifully designed cabinetry adorn the space. But it also contains touches and whimsical vignettes that reflect Amini and his travels around the world. From little loved objets trouvés to his majestic custom carved pieces of furniture, with his initials carefully engraved symbolic of his furniture empire. Suitably, elegance rules in the world of Amini’s design philosophy.

michael amini high rise life magazine

Perhaps the most spectacular thing about this Parisian themed abode is its prime location. Located at Sky Las Vegas, with its commanding views of the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. A quietly luxurious 3,000 square-foot space full of modern comforts of a luxury high-rise penthouse, but in a quintessential French style. Amini, who is known for hosting lavish engagements, has made his residence an elegant address to entertain his guests.

michael amini high rise life magazine

michael amini high rise life magazine

While successfully designing a gorgeously glamorous, and fittingly luxurious penthouse space is second nature for someone like Amini. His most recent acquisitions take his AICO brand in an exciting new direction with his joint agreement with American model and actress Kathy Ireland earlier this year, to create a new home furnishing line called Michael Amini and Kathy Ireland Home Collection. Amini, who had been considering adding a new style category to the AICO product portfolio that would address a younger broader audience, felt Ireland’s eclectic and casual designs would be a perfect match. “There is a complete change from 10 years ago, people are trying to live in a more casual way with smaller footprints all over the world,” he said. “Urban living is more of today’s trend.”

michael amini high rise life magazine

Kathy Ireland, who is an industry veteran herself with Kathy Ireland Worldwide is ranked 25th most powerful brand globally by License Global magazine and with annual sales of $2.6 billion, according to Forbes. Amini noted, “We are working together to create a fabulous line that is both affordable and fits American lifestyle well.”

From his personal world to his business, Michael Amini takes his passion for design everywhere he goes. Per Amini, “Design is inspiration. Design is all around us. It is in everything we do. From the street we drive on, to the clothes we wear. There is beauty in everything.”

Michael Amini’s work celebrates a timeless era of fine furniture designed for the esthetically inclined at heart. Fittingly, for those who savor the beauty of fine furniture.

To learn more about Michael Amini and his collection, please visit www.amini.com

Photo credit Amini Innovation Corporation.

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