With the NYC fashion week over, we wanted to share with you our favorite trends for this Fall-Winter. The fashion houses seem to agree on a major statement: We have more youthful, comfortable, and athletic trend this season.


A dominant color for a bold season, RED!

We all know that red is a power color, one we use to make a statement and this season is no less bold than just that: Red is on every runaway. Don’t be shy, try it this fall and stand out from the crowd. Dries Van Noten included stunning red pieces this season.

men fall fashion - high rise life magazine

The real superstar walking undefeated: the padded jackets

Use the artistry of high-fashion houses such as Balenciaga, the padded jacket this season is oversized and explores alternative cuts to what we’ve ever seen. It is our favorite item and we can’t wait to see it in the streets. Although, Cottweiler along with Lanvin and many others bring the ski-wear on the runaway and we’re here for all of it!

men fall fashion - high rise life magazine

One thing is very clear, you can leave the skinny suits behind for this season

We are bringing back an older business dress code, larger pants, oversized shirts, and oversized trench coats are in order. We love the confidence that it emanates while keeping a very casual look. It’s definitely an 80’s vibe and we couldn’t be more excited for this trend getting some much-needed appreciation. You can see a lot of oversized trench options this fall on the runaway from Dries Van Noten and Balenciaga.

men fall fashion - high rise life magazine

It seems everyone agreed to offer a little bit of fur.

The trend seems to downplay the “dramatic” effect usually associated with fur and instead explores casual designs with lighter tones and thinner tailoring, we can very easily see this star-item incorporated in any man’s wardrobe. Trendier houses like Fendi had no problem tailoring a more theatrical design and will most likely be a hit with our Hollywood male fashionistas.

men fall fashion - high rise life magazine

Sunrise orange came very close, and clashed on many runaways.

We’re delighted to see this color inspire some great designs and hope it will vitalize our days when the weather starts turning grey. Balenciaga explored this soothing shade of orange in different styles for their new collection.


About the author:
Ossy Lahsinia-Cohen is an avid fashion consultant in the city of Beverly Hills, CA. His expertise in the industry of fashion came from years of learning and following his favorite designers and fashion houses. He also represents local artists and specializes in expanding the outreach of Pop Art to broader horizons. You can f ind the contact information on his public page on Instagram.com/Oteology

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