October is truly a unique month in the industry. We just got through the summer market and now look toward the fashion for fall in our industry.

So many reading this will wonder how fashion relates to interior decorating… as one who has been active in both venues, I will tell you they are intricately linked. Let’s use color as an example. Did you know that the 80/20 rule works in color choices in our home, just as it affects what we choose to wear?

What is the 80/20 rule? Well, remembering that you are either a warm color person- someone who looks best in yellows, peaches, coppers, browns- that places you in the warm color category. If, however, you look best in blues, purples, fuscias, bright chromatic reds- you are a cool color person.
80% of the people who are warm color people, often feel most at home in a warm color environment. I am one of those people.

20% of the cool color people- and you know who you are!- decorate in warm color tones. The most frequent question I have gotten over the years by these people are “why don’t I feel good in this house?” By simply changing their color schemes to cool tones, I have helped them f ind their peace and tranquility. Imagine a can of paint changing your outlook on life.

What do you want your home to look like this fall? Crisp fall colors abound in the yellows, oranges, deep teals and claret reds. Pillows, fashion throws, area rugs and fall foliage décor are abundantly available to f ill your personal shopping cart.
If you are part of the 80%, this season is yours. But cool color people need not despair. Notice, I said teals and clarets are part of the season’s color pallet. You too can f ind great fall season décor for your home.

I love this time of the year. Not only because these are the colors I wear well, but because it is so exciting to move my home into the fall season with these great colors. I hit the fabric warehouses and hunt up sumptuous fabrics to create new pillows, duvet covers, draperies, etc. Have you thought how easy it would be to change the look in your bedroom by having duvet covers that change your look seasonally?

I normally don’t suggest or design with draperies, in the older sense of the word. But being able to frame your gorgeous windows, which look out onto the skyline, can make an exciting statement to friends and family who come to visit and celebrate your life in your new tower home. It was amazing how I used to drape dramatic swaths of fabric on my huge windows. Now, I take great pains to leave them as open as possible. But, again, framing the windows with some colorful fabrics is great and enhances what your rooms look like to those who are entering your home.
Pick up some of the paint pallets at your favorite paint store, put together some new color boards and see where your eye takes you.

I have a client in California who loves that when I choose colors for them in their home, she usually doesn’t get tired of them for at least five years. It helps that she is open to try new things… like the cantaloupe color I used in her guest house. It was exciting to see how her collection of Mexican art looked so good on her walls. The bed linens, table toppers, and bathroom accessories we found in local shops complimented these colors as well.

Let your imagination guide you. Color can be a spontaneous way to dress up your home this fall.

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