Every woman deserves a good fragrance that can help
def ine their inner beauty. A boast of confidence and a taste of sheer glamour. We always look for ways to improve ourselves for the better and to always rise to the top. What better way to express ourselves other than owning just the right fragrance?

Citrus (Floral & Fresh) If you’re the kind of woman who is down to earth, enjoys peace, and harmony along with admiration of Earth’s beauty, then this is your type of scent. Being simple, and dressing casual is the best way that defines who you are. None the less this type of scent will inspire your inner peace core.

Ex: Tom Ford Neroli Portof ino Forte, Tom Ford Mandarino DI Amalf i, Chanel Gabrielle

Woody (Warm & Spicy) If you’re the kind of woman who is bold, praises elegance, reflects sophistication, and enjoys luxurious things then this is your type of scent. A nice woodsy fragrance, with a touch of amber, and/or patchouli. Wear your crown high like the queen you are and let these fragrances do the rest of the work.

Creed Rose Imperiale is available at Creed Boutique -The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Ex: Creed Rose Imperiale, Gucci Intense Oud, Armani Privé Oud Royal

Sweet (Fruity) If you are the kind of woman whose daring, wants nothing more than to enjoy life, one who gains instant gratification from spontaneous spurs of the moment, then this is the type of scent for you. A joyous scent of sweet and fruity, one that can accommodate you and your exhilarating adventures.

Ex: Jadore In Joy, Bottega Veneta Eau Sensuelle, Cuir Saint Laurent


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Every man takes pride in not only just their appearance, since first impression is important, but their last impression that they leave behind, when the scent of their fragrance lingers in the air. A man can’t wear just anything, he must choose one that will leave his name etched in a woman’s mind. One that will turn heads and leave them wondering, what is he wearing.

Citrus (Fresh & Clean) If you’re the kind of guy that everyone can count on, one who everyone calls to hang out and have a good time, someone who’s honest, humble, and modest, then this is the scent for you. Although, you aren’t all about having the latest things, you still are able to recognize quality when you see it. Therefore, you have no problem investing into something that will pay off in the end. You trust in the fragrance to speak for you.

Ex: Bleu de Chanel, Dior Savage,
Prada Luna Rossa Eau Sport

Woody (Spicy) If you’re the kind of guy who considers himself rare, one of a kind, maybe exotic, then this scent is for you. There’s nothing wrong with being unique. You have a great amount of
confidence and security and you raise the bar a notch until you are satisfied with your stability. Show off to the world what a stud you truly are with one of these fragrances.

Ex: Tom Ford Oud Wood, Terre D’Hermes Hermes, Dior Homme Intense

Sweet If you’re a man with vision, endurance, power, one whose motivated where failure is not an option, then this scent is for you. You need a fragrance that will enhance your ego, one that projects your righteousness like the Trinity De Cartier cuff links on your suit.

Creed Aventus is available at Creed Boutique -The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Ex: Creed Aventus, Gucci Intense Oud, L’Envol De Cartier

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