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Experience the thrill and excitement of the world’s greatest cars– a hand-picked selection of Porsche models await you as you pilot along the highways, byways, and mountain roads. Fast Lane Travel is a luxury, exclusive and unforgettable driving experience with destinations throughout Europe.

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Sven Teuber

Each exceptional journey is complete with luxury accommodation, gastronomic dining, Champagne,
f ine wine, and an adventure of a lifetime. Sven Teuber, Senior Brand Ambassador gives us insight into this ultimate driving experience.

Q: Can you give us a little background history of the company and how these tours originally started?

Peter Sontag, CEO of Fast Lane Travel, Inc., started bringing groups to the PORSCHE Factory in 1976. It started when several Americans asked Peter Sontag if he wouldn’t mind bringing a group of friends to Stuttgart to take delivery of their new PORSCHES. It was big success, so the Porsche Club of America (PCA) asked him to revive their “Treffen” tours. Porsche wasn’t yet the brand they are today, so when 100 Americans came to Stuttgart to take delivery, it made the papers and local news. The success of those early years leads to a long list of alumni that wanted more fun driving PORSCHES in Europe. Eventually, we could get access to a fleet of rental PORSCHES and our group tours opened to anyone wanting a luxurious driving tour.

Q: Can you tell us about how Fast Lane Travel is the official organizer for Porsche Club of America for the “Treffen” tour?

“Treffen” is the German word for get together or to meet and was used by the PCA for these trips to Germany. We became the official travel company for the “European Treffen” due to our expertise in bringing groups of PORSCHE lovers to Germany to experience the factory and drive new model PORSCHES where they were meant to be driven.

fast lane travel - high rise life magazine

Q: Can you tell us about yourself and involvement with the company?

Five years ago, Peter Sontag, the founder and CEO of the company was giving a lecture in one of my graduate school courses and I ended up asking him to be my mentor. From there, I joined the team and worked my way up and eventually was guiding groups and helping with many of the operational elements of the business.

Q: What should a tour goer expect on a typical journey?

Two things – lots of fun, not only driving, but sharing the experience with likeminded travelers and second, not having to think. Our guests come back for more because it’s a vacation where we plan every detail. Our guests come to enjoy a world-class luxury vacation with a twist of adrenaline.

Q: Where do these tours go? Typical duration of a tour? How often are tours organized?

Most of the tours start in Germany and go to various European Countries. Switzerland and Austria are very popular as is Italy and recently France. The average length is nine days and we have 11 tours scheduled for 2018.

Q: When and where does the next tour take you?

Our next tour will be our 2018 Spring Ultimate Adventure, which visits Lake Constance, Switzerland, and the Black Forest. We also drive through Liechtenstein, Italy, and France, so it is a tour through six countries. All 5 Star and some great driving.

Q: Who do you think is the ideal candidate for a tour?

We do have a fair share of corporate incentive tours and private groups, but most guests join one of our tours listed on our website.
I always tell people, it’s not just a car guys tour. These are very thought-out luxury vacations with PORSCHES instead of a bus or having to take a train. Your luggage is taken to the hotel and waiting for you when you check into your room, great food, great wine, great hotel properties, and great people. The people are the real success of our tours. Guests make lifelong friends.

Q: Can you customize a tour with a tour guide?

There’s a motto at Fast Lane Travel, “never say no to a customer.” In fact, I’m leaving for Europe soon to lead a private group of two down into Lake Como and then to the French Riviera. That’s not the norm, but we also organize custom tours both with guides and without.

Q: What makes these tours special compared to any other type of tour?

The attention to detail and our 40 plus years of going over there. We’ve built great relationships. You can’t beat driving down a pedestrian only zone in Bellagio, Italy with 15 PORSCHES growling down the narrow walkway. Everyone becomes a rock star in that moment. It’s a joy to hear the chatter on the walkie talkies and everyone is taking pictures.

Q: On average how many tour goers attend these tours on a typical journey? Do you have repeat goers?

YES! we are very fortunate to have a strong following of loyal alumni that keep coming back for more tours. Mr. Eddy Yates, holds the record having been on 22 of our tours over the years. Our average group tours have about 24 guests split between two drive groups. So, six cars behind each guide.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the company’s involvement in giving back to the community?

Giving back to the community is a big part of what we do. Every year we donate a free tour to the Porsche Club of America, which a lucky member wins. Peter has established several endowed scholarships. We’ve been known to give away a few red Power Wheel Porsches to local kids as well. Really, it’s about sharing our love for PORSCHES and travel.

Q: How has Fast Lane Travel evolved over the years as far as services? Have the tours evolved? Are there any new destinations being added?

Every year we add new tours and change our tours slightly. There are new places to see, new hotels that open, new restaurants, and new roads. Over the years, we continue to add new trips to new locations. In 2015, we organized a PORSCHE Tour in China. That was unique!

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