Fall Inspiration for Your Home

Fall is in full color display, and we are looking at the winter holiday season right around the corner.

Let’s look at what that means for you, in your piece of paradise. You made a bold and unique decision when you purchased your piece of real estate, in the sky. Whether you are looking out onto the unique landscape of the southern Nevada desert, or the metropolitan landscape of southern California.

An entirely different view of your world is afforded from these heights. You get to see the changing seasons from a different landscape. It affords you the opportunity to design this special space, not only for your personal comfort, but also to tie into the world around you.

It also has unique challenges. How do you fit that huge new purchase in an elevator, and get it in your home? I have a customer who recently purchased a grand piano, and living on the 32nd floor was a challenge to those delivering. It looks magnificent looking out over the city lights. I can only get excited about her Christmas party, with friends and family, listening to that beautiful music being played for their enjoyment.

The lights of the holidays will be exciting as well. Think about the fact that your singular piece of real
estate gets to view those glittering lights from a bird’s eye view. You can go simple, or extravagant in your own designs, based on the personal choice of your holiday plans.

Stage This Interior Design

Twenty percent of the cool color people, and you know who you are! Decorate in warm color tones. The most frequent questions I have gotten over the years by these people are why don’t I feel good in this house? By simply changing their color schemes, I have helped them find their peace and tranquility… imagine a can of paint changing your outlook on life.

Did you see a special dining room set you would like to add to your party plans? That new sofa caught your eye? When can it be delivered? How soon can you sit on it, enjoying the spectacular view, with a glass of your favorite wine?

I love this time of year. I was born during the holiday season. It warms my heart knowing that those around me are enjoying the sights and sounds of the holidays, with their loved ones. I always told others it was nice that they had decorated their home for my birthday…they thought I was kidding!

Look out on your special vista, watch the population below scurrying to their destination, and enjoy your holiday in your very special place in the sky.

This is also a great time to update your kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Get ready for your holiday parties now! Don’t wait until November or you may be disappointed that the contractors are unable to fit you into their schedule.

I am working with a customer now that has chosen some special slabs of stone that will make a personal statement in his home. It warms my heart that he pulled out the High Rise Life magazine from a few months ago and pointed to my article
about stone slabs.

Have fun! Let your imagination out to play. Your piece of real estate is waiting for your next move! Enjoy sharing your holiday spaces with friends and family.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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