Fall season is slowly drifting as the summer days seem to fade away. No more hot and sweaty temperatures, although, it’s been fun spending almost every weekend at the beach riding the waves and comparing our tan lines, but now it’s time for a more-cooler scene.

The type of scene that allows us to close our eyes, as we feel the wind caress our face, and listen to the leaves whisk across the ground. There’s no doubt that a perfect ideal autumn evening is one spent at home sipping pumpkin spice lattes as the aroma of apple-cinnamon scented candles fills the air.

As we are all preparing ourselves for this season, with our homemade crocheted hats, warm gloves to match our Burberry scarves, or finding the perfect Prada collared jacket, we might also want to consider a great skin care collection. Colder climates aren’t just tough on your electricity bill, but also on your skin. Colder temperatures entail of low humidity, which can dry out your skin, and shivering cold winds, which can extract moisture from your skin, causing it to feel dull, dry, and itchy. The cold air, wind, and the heat from indoors are the three main reasons why your skin suffers through the winter. The good news is that there’s a solution for these unexpected events that are about to take place.

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Having dry skin during the cold winter months is a very common thing, and an uncomfortable feeling, it causes your skin to feel flaky, tight, and can cause redness. After having a long hard day at work, and enduring such cold temperatures, we all tend to want to just go home, take a nice hot bath and drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows before bed. Even though this sounds like a great way to keep warm, it’s one of the main contributors to having dry skin. Overly extended exposure to hot water can extract the natural oils from your face that is meant to protect it. What is best recommended is that if you decide that you want to take a bath or a hot shower, try not to stay in there longer than 10 minutes, and try patting your face dry, instead of wiping. It is also best to use a moisturizer that not only moisturizes the skin but also has antioxidant that protects against radical damage and hydrates the skin for up to 10 hours.
Ex: Vernal SKINourish Super Antioxidant Organic Moisturizer, Bluemercury M 61 hydra boost moisturizer

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Dirt Built Up
Now that we are officially making this transition from summer to fall, we haven’t realized it yet that all those days we spent out in the sun has a consequence, and it’s called dirt. If you haven’t been using a good cleanser, or don’t use a cleanser at all, you might want to reconsider that due to the idea that there are layers and layers of dirt built up in your face from all that time spent out in the heat. This also goes hand in hand with oil built up that can cause you to break out, and this doesn’t count if you already have naturally oily skin. It is best to find a cleanser that accommodates your skin type, offers exfoliating beads, that work to clear out dead cells that penetrates the skin, and helps to unclog your pores, leaving your face feeling refreshed.
Ex: Vanity Planet Main Squeeze Daily creamy cleanser, Bluemercury M-61 Power glow moisturizer

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Mask on, Mask off
It’s great that we have good cleansers and moisturizers to help us through the holidays, but what about a great facial mask? They’re the perfect addition to the skin care collection, with the right face mask it can help hydrate the skin, remove any excess oils (or built up) and assist with the appearance of pores. It’s always fun to treat yourself. Check out these facial masks:
Ex: Vanity Planet Flower Child Rose Moroccan Red Clay Mask, Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask

Now that we’ve got your skin covered, let’s enjoy what autumn brings with full confidence knowing that we can endure the cooler months ahead.

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