The holidays are finally here, the time of year that you’ve been anxiously waiting for. The time of year to go out and look your best. It’s great to treat yourself to the perfect dress, only thing is that there are so many unique styles to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start. You have to find the right one that best fits your personality. Once you figure out which one of these bests describes you, then you can crown the prefect holiday dress this year.

The Goddess (featured image)
If you are a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty, then this is the perfect dress for you. The nude color of this dress compliments the hand cut lace and the hand beaded crystals that flow together, captivating its true beauty.

Benigna | Price: $850


Benign the Goddess
photo credit Mimi Tran Design

The Majesty
If you’re the kind of woman that carries dignity, feels empowered, and whose confidence proves boldly, then this is the dress for you. This dress has French Sequins, with Elastic Emulated Silk lining, and Swarovski Crystal trim. This is the kind of dress that will turn heads where ever you go.

Lisa | Price: $950


Yesenia the Royal Highness
photo credit Mimi Tran Design

The Royal Highness
If you are the kind of woman who is sophisticated, upholds serenity and spiritual grounding, then this is the perfect dress for you. Let this nice feminine turquoise dress speak for you as it flatters your wisdom, loyalty, and intuition.

Yesenia | Price: $950


Chiara the Royal Highness
photo credit Mimi Tran Design

The Queen
If you consider yourself powerful, highly favored, and a woman of determination then this dress is for you. Not only does it reflect radiance but also reflects passion, love and desires. This dress will have everyone looking up to you, and wanting to follow your footsteps.

Chiara | Price: $1150

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