JOY! Peace! Celebrate!

‘Tis the season to celebrate your year, and give the gifts of love.

You have spent a year in your fabulous high-rise home. What did you say you wanted for that very special spot in your home…to dress it up just that much more? Now is the time to get it. Put a bow on it and call it your holiday gift to you!

My mom used to go to the special sales at the furniture store in November, and buy a room of furniture as a family gift. It would be delivered on a cold, snowy December morning, and we would all relish its arrival. You and I may not have those cold, snowy mornings where we live, but you can still buy a special gift for the holidays.

Then it’s time to think holiday decorating. First pour over the current magazines suggesting what your special tree should look like. Does anything stand out to you? Which look is you? Which look will spotlight your special place in a most special way?

Do you have any earrings that you have only one of because the other has disappeared? Jewelry can make fabulous one of a kind ornaments. Put a small ribbon on the remaining bauble and hang it on your tree.

Do you love birds? I recently saw a big fat, colorful woodpecker at my sister’s home in Montana, and thought “Oh, what a great ornament he would make!” There are fabulous bird ornaments in many colors that could make your holiday tree simply yours.

Christmas is that perfect time for your unique collection to show off. Dress up your table and let the crystal shine! I love making special table cloths out of glittering fabrics and nestling my Christmas dishes there.

On my way home from Montana the other day my husband said, “Look at those trees, now that is what I call flocking.” You can have a small tree in your dining room, on the sideboard, think about that.

You have a wide- open palette to work with. Find the spot for that beautiful tree or trees and let’s do this! I have trees in my living area, but also a tree in the master bedroom. That way if I have our traditional ornaments on display for our friends to enjoy, I can have another beautiful special tree just for me to enjoy in our bedroom.

Pile wonderful cozy throws and pillows in the holiday theme around your living room and see the delighted faces of friends who cuddle up to enjoy your holiday party. We may not need them for warmth, but those great faux fur throws look so inviting, thrown over the back of a chair or sofa.

What better way to start the holidays by sharing the joy of giving at your event? Think of your friends and their wonderful personalities, then go find that perfect gift for them.

Share the joy of your new home with family and friends. Listen to their comments about what they love about your new space, so you can formulate your design plans for 2018!

LOVE the season, Share the JOY and enjoy your friends for that lifetime of love you have built with them.

Happiest of Holidays to everyone!

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