I lived in Lake Havasu City Arizona off and on totaling about 11 years of my adult life. There is an old saying in Lake Havasu that says, “You can check out, but you can never leave,” Taken from the famous Eagles song “Hotel California” and I agree that it is one hundred percent true. Once you get a taste of Lake Havasu, you will always find your way back again. Lake Havasu City is in western Arizona and the lake is fed by the Colorado River which divides Arizona from California. It’s known as a base for amazing hiking trails such as Sarah’s Crack and many others all around the lake. There are all types of water sports on Lake Havasu, from boating, jet-skiing, water-skiing, fishing as well as every other activity you can imagine related to water.

The authentic London Bridge, was relocated from England, by one man named Robert McCulloch, who purchased the bridge for $2,460,000 in 1968 and moved it brick by brick from London to Lake Havasu City, AZ. The estimated cost of dismantling the structure, which was US$1.2 million, bringing the complete price to US$2.4 million. Each stone was numbered so they would know how to put it back together. Numbered stones can still be seen on the London Bridge to this day. The bridge connects the mainland to marinas and a looped path for joggers and bike riders in an area known as the Island. There are also hotels, shops, and restaurants on the Island too. Lake Havasu City Museum of History documents Native American and steamboat history. Lake Havasu State Park has beaches with mountain views, plus picnic spots, and some areas even allow temporary mooring for your boat or watercraft.

The Lake was formed in 1938 after the Parker Dam was built. However, it became most famous for the London Bridge that looms above it, bringing in international visitors from around the world. Today, Lake Havasu City is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Arizona and offers a range of recreational activities for families, couples, and single travelers. Houseboats dot the lake and are available for rent along with paddle boats, kayaks, paddle board, jet skis, and other types of water sports equipment, that can be rented by the hour. Like most resort towns Lake Havasu is chock-full of non-stop action. Also, you can take the Ferryboat across the Lake to enjoy a night of Gambling and fine food at the Casino.

With the purchase of the bridge, McCulloch accelerated his development campaign, increasing the number of flights into the city. At the time, the airport was located on the island. The free flights to Lake Havasu lasted until 1978 and reportedly they totaled 2,702 flights, bringing in prospective buyers. Mr. McCulloch even paid to bring in Doctors, Firefighter, Paramedics, and Police to establish infrastructure in his city. Today, Lake Havasu City has a population of approximately 53,850 people happily residing year-round in this beautiful sun-kissed city. The Winters bring in “Snowbirds” as retired people from around the country come to enjoy the warm winter weather for five months out of the year. During this time the population of resident’s increase.

The best route to take when going to Lake Havasu City from Las Vegas is to get on I-515 S/US-93 S/US-95 S. Continue on US-93 S/US-95 S. Take Veterans Memorial Hwy, US-95 S and I-40 E to AZ-95 S in Mohave County. Take exit 9 from I-40 E. Continue on AZ-95 S. Arrive in Lake Havasu City wearing fewer clothes because it is approximately 10 degrees warmer on average.

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