Parsa Research Inc. has signed CEO of the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra, Shea Arender, as a national product ambassador for Parsa Men’s Skincare.

Parsa Research specializes in men’s health and wellness. Their innovative research has taken them to eight different countries to find the most natural ingredients.

“Everyone’s skin is different, especially men. We have created a universal formula that’s all-natural and all plant-based but also provides overall skin health and anti-aging without harmful and harsh chemicals,” said Parsa CEO Bamdad Bani.

“I love the Parsa Men’s Skincare line and had been using it for over a year when they reached out to me.

I was honored to tell them my testimony of how great the product was and the difference I noticed on my skin,” said Shea Arender.

Shea joins a discreet list of Hollywood and music celebrities who have been tapped to endorse beauty products, including Mick Jagger, John Mayer, Zac Efron and Ed Sheeran.

The commercial shoot will take place in Las Vegas at the Parsa headquarters.

Shea Arender’s signature collection will\ contain a series of special edition signature products in a specially marked package. Inside, you will find a 3 in 1 Clean, Shave & Refresh.

“To me, this is one of the most unique products I’ve ever tried, because it contains a cleanser, shave cream, and has moisturizer in it, even after you shave and wash the product off, you still feel the moisture on your face,” says Shea Arender.

An anti-aging moisturizer serum will be in the package as well. Most serums have mass produced chemicals in them while Parsa Men’s is free from all of that and is all natural
plant based (vegan). The serum is to be followed right after the 3 in 1 Clean, Shave & Refresh.

The hair gel is paraben free, safe on color treated hair, and doesn’t flake or dry out. “It’s designed to work on so many different hair types, and on so many different levels,” says Bamdad Bani. You can use it on wet, damp, or dry hair. It’s made in the USA and has no animal testing.

Parsa Research Inc. is in the process of innovating the future of men’s skincare, including the limited edition Shea Arender signature collection.

With a proven record of accomplishment over the years in research on men’s skincare, Parsa Research Inc. has offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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