This Holiday Season there is no need to feel guilty, celebrate, but do it smart. After all that’s what this time of year is all about— joy, celebration, great time with friends, family, and loved ones. It’s always easier to maintain your fitness routine then to start it, so try to maintain your routine as much as possible. If you don’t have one, then start it with these Xpress Tips or add it to your busy day. Anyone can do it!

Everybody should do 30-minute cardio every morning, after you wake up. Just do a treadmill or Stairmaster or an incline.

TIP: Do it on an empty stomach, then you should follow up with high protein shake, no carbohydrates, as they stop fat burning process.
BENEFITS: strengthens your heart and lungs, reduces risk of heart disease, helps detox, weight loss, reduced stress, and promotes better emotional health.

If you sit a lot during the day find a way to get your blood going, make sure every hour to do 30 sit-ups or every 30 minutes 15 sit ups.

BENEFITS: strengthens your heart and muscles, get rid of cellulite, burn fat, detox, improves circulation, tones your abdominal muscles and legs.

Proper form is crucial with use of weights and in your fitness routine in general. You should consider investing in a trainer at least the first month to learn the basics of how to do it correctly. First couple of weeks start light and get high rep ranges.

TIP: Always warm up and choose proper weight that allows you to reach your target with good form.
BENEFITS: strengthens your muscles and tones body, protects joints from injury, helps prevent or control chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, fights depression, obesity, improves posture, and helps you sleep better.

If you have no access to gym there are ways to stay fit no matter where you are. Here’s a simple routine that could be done without any equipment, anytime of the day. Four sets, it’s important to keep 30 second breaks between each exercise, try not to rest too much in between.

1. Jump squats – 10
2. Sit-ups – 10
3. Jumping Jacks – 10
4. Half squats – 10

TIP: No exercise would ever give you any results unless you have proper diet.
BENEFITS: Strengthens your legs, burns toxins in your body, increases cardiovascular output, better posture, reduced stress, better emotional health, and promotes weight loss.

Xander Neff
Xander has more than six years’ experience in managing security teams and law enforcement officers. He most recently served in Korea as a special agent for the military. Xander has secret military clearance and is an expert in combat and firearms.

Currently, he is a Personal Trainer | Life Coach | Fitness Model in Las Vegas, NV.

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