Welcome to February 2018! Love is in the air, and new colors are out in the stores. Your first step on the road to your dream home was deciding in which fabulous high-rise tower you wanted to live…now what?

Making that space say, “This is why I chose this home!” The latest unique furniture pieces are arriving from market. Your unique style may be in the very next store you happen to stop by and do a browsing run.

Browsing is a fun project. You can put on your comfortable walking shoes, take pictures on your “pad” and then go have some fun. First, make a quick walk through the store. Then, go back and see which items caught your attention. Was it an area rug with bold beautiful colors? A large accessory piece that would fit just perfect in that one space you have been wondering about. Watch those great spring advertisements on TV, get some ideas from what their designers are throwing at you.

Color, is your eye being caught by deeper tones? Are you being uplifted by softer colors? Are they in the cool or warmer tints? Is it too much for you? Then you are not having fun. Make this an enjoyable outing, not just something you “have to” do.

I have a new client who has just jumped from a smaller unit in another tower, to a much larger unit. The style is just not “their style,” but I advised them, take their time, get a feeling for the spaces they have, then start making dream lists. You don’t have to accomplish your total design project in a weekend.

They have wonderful spaces, and have unique tastes. Right now, they are surrounded by an abundance of wood tones, when they are contemporary in their style. Painting those walls with a lovely taupe white will make an immediate impact on their visual senses.

People who are cool color people, should not think about dark, earthy tones for their home. Now understand this when I mention cool versus warm colors. 95% of all customers decorate in warmer colors. And someone who normally dresses in blues, purples etc. would get very tired of dark blue or purple on their walls, but there is an artistic way to bring those cool colors in and be able to change them when you are tired of them.

There is a very wonderful store in Las Vegas, called Design’s by Simmons. They have great one of a kind furniture and accessory pieces that you will not see anywhere else. It is worth the trip to go and visit. It’s a designer’s heaven when it comes to decorating. They have transformed over the past year from carrying vignettes to displaying “open box” goods, and one of a kind pieces marked below online prices from high-end brands and unique imported goods from Italy. They have a huge selection from contemporary to traditional to choose from to meet your design needs.

They also carry great area rugs, which can be ordered in larger sizes, if necessary. Paint the floor with a wonderful area rug and move up from there.

Now find a neutral sofa, loveseat, sectional for your main space. Again go toward the cooler shades; you can add color and razzle dazzle with throws and pillows. I love changing my pillows with the different seasons, so a neutral seating area lets me have fun with my accessories.

Lighting is important as well. Add details of your favorites, then make sure the bulbs are a cool white. Again, Design’s by Simmons has some one of a kind lighting pieces as well.

What better way to start the holidays by sharing the joy of giving at your Valentines event? Think of your friends and their wonderful personalities, then go find that perfect gift for them.

Share the joy of your new home with family and friends. Listen to their comments about what they love about your new space, so you can formulate your design plans for 2018. Take pictures of your surroundings out that beautiful patio looking out onto the world. I have suggested we copy one of my client’s panoramic pictures onto a very large canvas and hang that on her massive living room wall. It will remind them of the day she took the picture, and bring the colors of our desert sky into her home.

Love the adventure you are on, don’t let stress step in your path… have a friend who understands your plan, look at your photos from the magazines you have taken apart and go for it!

For your home design needs visit:
Design’s By Simmons 1250 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 www.simmonslv.com

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