Written by: Jennifer Gonzales

Spring is just around the corner, and so are the newest fashion trends. Just like every other woman, fashion is a statement, something that helps contribute into making a great first impression. When walking into a room full of people, you want to be center of attention and one they’ll remember. This spring have a little fun in coordinating your outfits, let your personality shine through your clothes.


Blush is such an amazing color that pops and compliments any skin tone. It’s super feminine and gives off that feeling of sweetness and innocence. If you’re feeling adventurous you can pair this blush color with some lace, or some beads. It also looks great paired with other bold colors such as navy, black, and burgundy, it adds strength and elegance to the pink. It has been known that people who admire the color blush are ones that are hopeful, and positive.


One of the great things about yellow, is that it can be worn formally and casually. From blazers, to skirts, to shoes and bags, yellow is a color that is bold and gets you noticed almost immediately. If the wrong shade of yellow is worn, or if you’re wearing too much yellow it can become over powering. It is best that you wear yellow away from the face, such as a black top with a yellow skirt, or dark top and dark blue jeans, with yellow shoes and a matching purse. Yellow is a to go to color, that reflects happiness and puts out positive vibes.


It can be a challenge sometimes to figure out what goes great with the color lavender, or with any shade of purple. The main component when trying to rock this color, is pure confidence. Lavender is a favored color that a lot of people like to wear and is a popular color to wear during the spring. It looks great paired with any color jeans, and other pastel colors such as light blue and blush. Purple symbolizes royalty, wealth, wisdom, and sophistication. However, try not to wear too much of it, you want to create a balance.

This spring go find the perfect outfit, one that will leave you not only feeling good about yourself but that will make you stand out from all the others. You can never go wrong with Blush, Yellow and Lavender it is the top 3 colors that are never out of fashion and is always in demand this time of year.


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