Spring has Sprung…

While our neighbors in the east are still fighting the cold winter, we are looking at sunny skies, warm temperatures, and budding plants.

What can we do to revive our living spaces for a change of season?

A recent visit to the markets say Big, Bold, and Beautiful is the key to this year’s trends. Throw your idea of what looks balanced out the window. Your space in the tower may look large because of high ceilings, but the space for furniture may be your challenge.

Let’s talk. There are so many furniture pieces today that are high on current style but sized for the new smaller spaces we see. Comfort is built into the smaller packages.

A huge rope, knotted and entwined on itself, hanging from the ceiling adds flair and texture to the space. You could even vine in some greenery to bring in life.

How about that huge wall, opposite your media wall? Voila! Have you seen recent digital creations based on pictures you may have taken on some of your trips? There are some great industry leaders, taking those pictures, blowing them up, and making murals out of them. What a great way for you to bring one of your most memorable pictures to life in your home.

Want to add a water concept? I recently saw on the cover of a design magazine a mural depicting one of their client’s grandchildren, and out of the mouths of two of them, water is pouring forth. There are so many ways to get creative in your space.

Recently, one of my clients showed me a picture she took from their balcony, looking over the Las Vegas strip. It was as good, or even better than some professional shots I’ve seen. There is a new company that will recreate the photos on wall sized glass sheets, creating a three-dimensional look not available on the large canvas art. We can mount LED lighting behind the glass, so that at night the lights of Las Vegas come alive on her wall.

And you know early Las Vegas was known for it’s (tacky) pink flamingos in people’s front yards…well I recently saw an twelve-foot flamingo, straddling a stairwell into a loft, and boy oh boy it was a fun look.

The ways in which you can focus your friends’ and family on special artwork are endless.

Look for some huge, and I mean huge, offerings at Design’s by Simmons on 1250 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89146. They have some over the top accessories that will add pizazz to any room décor.

Come on out of the box, and let’s get creative.

Carol Townsend

Stage This Interior Design

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