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The Argentine actress, businesswoman and producer, Natalia Denegri today has yet another accolade, after being named one of ‘The 25 Most Powerful Women,’ from the exclusive list in the magazine People en Español, which was announced publicly today on the program ‘Un Nuevo Día.’ The list will come out in the new edition of the magazine this week. This is all thanks to her outstanding humanitarian and entrepreneurial work.

She had many successes in 2017: The United States Congress gave her an award for her efforts, as she obtained an airplane with the Hassenfeld Foundation, and went twice to Puerto Rico, taking medicine and food with her; she returned with 300 sick and special-needs American citizens who required urgent medical care after Hurricane Irma. Last September she also helped victims of the earthquake in Mexico, through the Red Cross.

Denegri has been the only Argentine to win three Emmy awards for her documentary films, as the producer with her company Trinitus Productions. She also received numerous awards in Europe and the United States with the film she co-produced, ‘UMA.’

In addition to being a successful restaurateur, Natalia received the keys to the city of Miami because she is a true patron of many needy causes; and for her social work with her television program ‘Corazones Guerreros,’ to help families with autistic children.

Natalia also edited her first book, “Corazones Guerreros,” in which she includes the most relevant stories from her television show of the same name. The book was translated into several languages and is for sale in Italy through the publishing house Edizioni Infinito; she also presented it in Casa Argentina in Rome. She has finished her second book, called ‘Corazón de Mamá,’ which she will launch soon.

“To be chosen by People magazine as one of the most powerful Hispanic women is a great honor. And it means I am on the right path. I would like to thank you and assure you that I am not going to drop my guard; to the contrary, I am going to redouble my efforts. My work alone, however, is not enough. One just needs to read the newspapers or turn on the TV for a bit to see that there is much to do, to improve and change, and there are many women who are fighting to do exactly this. Besides the women present here, there are thousands of women all over the world trying to make it a better place. We entered a new century with enormous inequality in many areas; especially towards women. And although there have been significant improvements in that respect, we are still very far from being treated equally. It is the era of major technological developments: the fact that man landed on the moon is old news. And just as old are hunger, inequality, procrastination, and violence.
Do we need to work in those areas? Of course!
Is it enough? Definitely… Not.
That is why I am committing here to continue working for women to be completely free. And to continue supporting my corner of the world by helping my fellow woman!” Natalia said.

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