May Flowers for Your Home.

We have addressed so many topics since December, of how to personalize your home.

This month, let’s talk gardening in and out of your beautiful tower spot. A recent design magazine was on topic with how to utilize a smaller area but achieve great looks. Let’s face it, we may like the look of some silk plants and trees, but the real thing is so much better for us, environmentally. Green plants and trees produce oxygen, while they are processing the air around them. How nice to have them replace good air with bad, without needing mechanical devices to do the same thing.

There are stone pots, beautiful and timeless. Staging them in different heights and colors can add a zest to that corner you never know what to do with. Then there are planters that look like pottery, but so much lighter weight making them easier to move around, another source of artfulness.

In the nineties I worked mainly with silk plants, because they were new, and many were very good aesthetically when I was working with those pot shelves the builders were in love with then. Why am I shifting to the real thing? Not because they are prettier than the silks, but you can get so much variety in colors and textures, so you can transform a one-dimensional space.

The introduction of these plants can also be complimented with a waterfall. There are so many varieties of these in many different stores. You could find the one you like first, then place the pots and plants around it.
Now, you transport your lovely home from winter to summer with a breath of fresh air.

If you have not seen the advertisements for all the wonderful choices in these products, you owe it to yourself to go out and see what is available to you. Watch how the different heights in the greenhouses take your eye from one place to another.

You can achieve greatness in a small space, all while having fun.
Also, see my newest book A Rare Vintage in Kindle and Amazon. A story to read while you sit and enjoy your new waterfall.

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