Michael McPherson also known as DJ M-Squared, is raising the bar and setting new limits in the DJing industry. In 2010, he was honorably announced as America’s number one DJ by winning the Red Bull Thre3style USA Championship and was the first DJ to win the coveted title. Millions of people have seen him perform on TV hit series “Master of the Mix,” which included high-profile judges like Amber Rose, Vikter Duplaix, and Legendary DJ Kid Capri.

He has performed in popular cities such as, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris just to name a few and has traveled
along-side with superstar Kelly Rowland as her official DJ. That’s not all, he is also the first and only DJ ever to headline NBC/Universal’s massive New Year’s Eve Bash “Eve” for five consecutive years in a row, from 2013-2017.

His clients include, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, NBA Superstar Lebron James, NBC/Universal, The Grammy’s, iHeart Radio, and many more. DJ M-Squared’s live performances are breath-taking, he is an expert at setting the mood with his turn tables and has such strong capability of connecting with the crowd through his mixes.

Photo credit Lechon Kirb

Q: How long have you been DJing for?

I have been DJing professionally now for 15 years, and what’s funny is when I first started out I use to listen to the radio and I would try and create these mixes on my own using a dual cassette deck. This was the only thing I had at the time, until I was able to afford my first turntable.

Q: Where have you performed?

I’ve performed all over, I’ve performed in Miami, West Palm Beach, Las Vegas, Paris, Orlando, Universal Studios, Disney World, I’ve been to Dubai, and New York. I’ve performed at events for Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic and Armani. I also perform at other places such as, NBA All-Star Weekend, NFL Super Bowl Weekend, and Fashion Week.

Q: When and where was your very first big performance and how did it make you feel?

My first big performance was in 2002, it was for a Greek Fraternity and Sorority event. DJ Scoobz was performing that night and he had given me an opportunity to open for him. This was huge for me considering that DJ Scoobz is one of the biggest DJs in South Florida and he even told me up front, if you suck I’m going to have to kick you off stage. So, the pressure was on, and I was nervous, there were a lot of people there, but everyone loved me, and the crowd was going crazy, so everything turned out great.

Q: In Downtown Orlando, there is a mural painting of you DJing, could you give us more insight on that?

In 2014, I was voted best Red Bull DJ and was awarded this mural painting of me DJing, by artist Andrew Spear.

Q: It must have been an honor to be announced America’s number one DJ, how did that come about?

Every year, they hold a Red Bull Thre3style Battle, there is two rounds you must win before you go to the final competition which was held in Denver. The judges of the competition were legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and Questlove. It was then that I won USA number one DJ, which landed me in Paris to represent the USA in the world showcase. Right after that, when everything was finished, I received a call and was told that Kelly Rowland was interested in having me as her DJ while she toured. Everything was happening so fast, but it was a great experience overall.

Q: After hearing about your accomplishments, did you ever see yourself being where you are today?

Yes, I’ve always been the kind of person that if I set my mind to do something— I do it. No matter how hard it is, or what I had to do to get there— I do it. I also believe that it is important to remain humble and remember to give back. I make time and effort to be a guest speaker at the Boys and Girls Club, or career day at school.

Q: What’s Next?

Right now, I’m working on a Single called “Troll” we’re expecting it to come out within the next month or so. It’s going to be featuring Anonomis who’s performed with KRS- One, and Natural Phil who is the drummer. Together we are the mood designers, a live DJ/Drummer show.

Photo credit Lechon Kirb
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