Men are all about dress to impress, but what about now that it’s summer time and its hot outside? You still want to look your best and be comfortable, right? Whether you love to dress casual, dressy, or preppy here is a guide that will help you continue to impress the ladies and accommodate the heat.


Not only are swim shorts the ultimate balancing act of beachwear, but they complement a wide bracket of body
types– whether you’re tall, stout, or short. There’s sure to be a pair that’ll suit with so many colors and styles to choose from. Ex: Jared Lang SWIM: J18-017 $99.99


With it being summer time, it’s best to go light when selecting a shirt. When doing so try your best to keep it simple, no big designs, or graphic tees, just something as easy as a V-neck striped shirt, or rock a solid color, but remember to stay within the light color range.
Ex: Jared Lang
BUTTON DOWN: T-4122SS $139.99


You can never go wrong with a Polo style shirt, this is if you want to continue to look fashionable and maintain being dressy. Polos look great with Chino shorts or a nice pair of denim jeans. You could still wear a button up if that’s what you choose, but keep in mind that it is hot outside and it would best to stick with light weight linen if you decide to take this route. Short sleeves would be better, because they are light and will allow your body to feel the gentle cool breeze. Ex: Jared Lang
POLO: PS-2098 $79.99

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