‘Secrets of The Guy Code’ is the new title written by Manuel Santana, which mainly concentrates on how guys perceive dating and how the “guy code” affects their ability to fall in love.

‘Secrets of The Guy Code’ is a new book by dating expert Manuel Santana that emphasizes on the concept of the guy code and how it affects a man’s ability to fall in love. This new book will investigate the root of several dating issues affecting couples in the modern-day society and shed some light on the possible outcome.

According to the initial response, the book has been carefully drafted and provides a detailed overview of why men do certain things and how these can be related to the world of dating. It shows a clear correlation between a man’s dating choices and his biology, sociology, psychology, and sexology. Using science and personal experiences to validate and substantiate his thesis, Manuel discovered hidden gems that are truly groundbreaking.

The book will tap into the personal development and life experiences that a male gathers over his lifetime to compose what we know as manhood. This sense of responsibility is what a woman likes most about their man, as she wants to be assured that the man she chooses can also become a good father to her kids. This book not only tells them the secrets of the “guy code” but also celebrates the importance of fatherhood and how it helps in shaping a child’s behavior.

When contacted, Manuel Santana, the author of the book was quoted as saying, “Although written in a man’s point of view, this book is fair, balanced, and unbiased, meaning both men and women will benefit from this book. It gives women key pointers and techniques to avoid getting hurt by a man. At the same time, it’s also a man’s guide to finding himself and getting comfortable with his emotions and falling in love.

The book is expected to launch on Amazon and Kindle, in addition to other e-book platforms on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018, a date which is subjected to change should there be any change in schedule in the future.

One can pre-order the new dating guide ‘Secrets of The Guy Code’ at https://manny-santana.myshopify.com/products/secrets-of-the-guy-code-paperback and use the promo code “FATHERSDAY” to receive a discount, plus free shipping.


About the Author
Manuel Santana is a Boston native who through his new book, aims to help both men and women get a better shot at dating and solve some of the common dating problems stemmed from the misunderstanding of the guy code. He is also the owner of Meet to Keep Matchmaking Services, LLC based out of Miami.

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