25,000 sq. ft. Expansion to Cater to Las Vegas’ Love for All Things Luxurious & Fast.

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The neon glow of the Las Vegas strip entices people from all parts of the world. However, the summer sun isn’t the only thing heating up the streets of Las Vegas Blvd. these days. The market for super-fast, super expensive sports cars in Las Vegas is at an absolute prime. The gaming, convention, and tech industries are thriving, and Las Vegas is undergoing a modern-day renaissance. Not to mention Las Vegas is now one of the premier cities in America for professional sports, following the limelight of the successful Vegas Golden Knights inaugural season.

The hottest new place to buy your first or next supercar begins with Nick Dossa, the Dealer Principal of Vegas Auto Gallery, who has built a name for himself in the luxury to high-end automobile market with over a decade of experience. Dossa has always had the vision and passion to position himself to be a dominant leader in the growing luxury market in Las Vegas. Dossa has established an equally passionate team and works alongside well-seasoned partner, Ed Ghaben who has 35 years of industry specific experience.

“We’ve facilitated multimillion dollar hyper car transactions and will continue to welcome new buyers to this dynamic city, under the new Vegas Auto Gallery brand,” says Dossa.

Dossa has set forth with expansion efforts to an entirely indoor showroom, located at 3055 Palms Center Drive. This new showroom boasts over 25,000 sq. ft. between two buildings. The showroom will have an inventory of over 85 vehicles at any given time. Not to mention a state-of-the-art service facility tailored to service exotic, highline, and luxury cars.

“We are building the largest toy store in Las Vegas,” he explains.

Vegas Auto Gallery’s attention to detail and customer loyalty can provide a more personal service with its vast selection of high-end used cars.

“We make sure our client’s needs are met. We’re more of a concierge service, if we don’t have it in our inventory― we’ll get it.” Vegas Auto Gallery offers Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and all other name brand luxury cars at a fraction of the cost—with low miles. Finding the right color combination and the proper options suited for your lifestyle is what Vegas Auto Gallery prides themselves on doing.

When asked what’s a common misconception when shopping for a luxury car, Dossa admits, “People feel overwhelmed, they think they can’t afford a highline car. We have a lot of avenues from financing and leasing available. We are grateful to have an honest team of experts who personally assist you through the experience of purchasing a car with us.”

“Luxury cars are no longer reserved for casino executives and millionaires.”
Dossa’s father was a rally driver, who passed when Nick was only 12 years old. “I grew up around cars and developed a passion for it like my father at a very young age. I started buying and selling cars in class for fun while pursuing a business degree.
I graduated school and my mother gave me the initial start-up funds to open a dealership at the age of 21. She loaned me $50,000 to kick start my career and I paid her back in six months with interest.”

I asked Dossa, how important it is for Vegas Auto Gallery to be at the forefront in the Luxury automobile market here in Las Vegas. He notes, “We serve multiple markets including out-of-state like California, Texas, Florida and New York to name a few; with Vegas, there’s no weather challenge here, it’s a year-round market. It’s a destination, people have no problem coming here to do a deal and vacation at the same time. We provide unparalleled service to the most discerning of buyers, including first time buyers, celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs, and other high-net-worth individuals. With our new brand we are so happy to be able to serve our local clientele in a better capacity.”

Yet he also points out integrity and honesty are key components that make Vegas Auto Gallery thrive in Las Vegas. Optimistic about their growth, Dossa wants to show Vegas Auto Gallery can achieve across the whole range.

“Sometimes our clients come and want something for their 16-year-old son, or they need us to fly their newly purchased Rolls-Royce across the country in time for their wedding— we make it happen.”

Jesse Olague, Steven Kennedy, Blake Pride-Zorn & Nick Dossa

Dossa is aware that there is a lot of emotional attachment that goes into purchasing a luxury car. “We want our clients to know that they can count on us for whatever they may need.”

Committed to serving their local community, Vegas Auto Gallery also supports a multitude of charitable causes, from the American Heart Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation to mentoring youth. “We work with troubled youth with Las Vegas Metro; we get together and show them that there is a life outside the streets and help them set goals. It takes just one person to believe in them to turn their life around.”

When asked what’s the best part about your job, Dossa admits, “It’s not a ‘job’ when you love what you do. It’s a sense of achievement when someone buys a luxury car— it’s gratifying to see the smiles on their face when they leave with their dream car.”

The next five years, he offers, will be a maturing phase for the company. “Our focus is exponential growth; we want to expand on servicing our clientele locally.”

“A lot of people don’t even realize that people don’t do things for themselves; tomorrow is not guaranteed. When was the last time you did something for the first time? If you love your life and you work hard, it’s okay to spoil yourself occasionally.”

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