Summer is here, and it’s time for a vacation. What better way to spend those hot summer days other than at the beach? It is the best place to spend time with family and friends and best recommended way of getting your vitamin-sea. This time make sure that you have a fun and memorable summer by checking out these three must see beaches.

bora bora high rise life magazinePoint Matira, Bora Bora

Imagine waking up in a room, where it’s nice and quiet and the feeling of peace is everywhere. You walk over to a near by window and draw back the curtain to find yourself standing in front of the most beautiful lagoon you could ever imagine. Named the best Island in the World by U.S. News & World Report, Bora Bora, is known for its beautiful waters that can go from the color Sapphire to Turquoise than back to Sapphire again. They offer water activities such as stand up and paddle, snorkeling, fine dining with waterfront views, with an option of catching your own fish and letting your chef prepare your catch. Plan on treating yourself to a nice spa day? You can find a nice over the water spa suite, where you can unwind in one of their treatment beds that are set on glass panels above the lagoon. One of Bora Bora’s famous signature spa rituals is a rebalancing ritual, which utilizes Tahitian Black pearl powder and detoxifying algae gathered right from the ocean for a skin smoothing experience.

fiji high rise life magazine

fiji high rise life magazine

Castaway Island, Fiji

Located in the heart of Fiji’s Mamanuca Island group, this beach is surrounded by 174 acres of tropical rainforest. This Island, although, offers you a chance to relax and enjoy your surroundings it is best known for all the water activities that they have to offer. You can explore your options of snorkeling among the coral reefs, wind surfing, kayaking, parasailing, catamaran sailing, waterskiing or diving. Want to be able to enjoy the sound of the ocean swift gently in and out, along with the feeling of the gentle breeze lightly caressing your face, all while enjoying a nice dinner with champagne? Castaway offers four main dining venues, Water’s Edge Restaurant, Nuku Marau, Sundowner Bar, and Restaurant 1808. Book your stay at this nice getaway with your family, or with that special someone for an unforgettable experience.

mykonos high rise life magazine

mykonos high rise life magazine

Mykonos Beach, Greece

Ready to get your summer started the right way? Here you will find celebrities, college students and families all gather together for some fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who is looking for a good time, someone who is visiting for the first time or just someone who wants to try something different, Mykonos Beach will surely exceed all expectations of what a fun and luxurious beach experience should be. You can explore the Island’s Capital Town, visit the Archaeological, Folklore and Maritime Museums to learn a little history. You can also check out their shopping centers, enjoy a traditional Greek Cypriot Flaouna at one of their waterfront cafes or wander around and enjoy the captivating colorful scenery. If you are up for a day full of fun and adventure you can go parachuting, jet skiing, or book a boat tour and explore the Aegean Sea. The list of things to do seem endless here at Mykonos Beach.

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