The name is derived from a desire to ignite the passion of real estate investing through an innovative approach that allows investors to take a pro-rata percentage of ownership in collateralized turn-key real estate investments.

Ignite Funding fills a lending gap by providing homebuilders and residential and commercial developers a reliable lending source not available through traditional financial institutions. This gap in lending options allows investors an opportunity to participate in real estate investments that offer double-digit annualized returns to build wealth in their retirement portfolio.

Ignite Funding continues to prove trust deed investments build communities and wealth for investors with half a billion funded on behalf of its thousands of investors. As a licensed commercial broker, Ignite Funding is the conduit in connecting bankable borrowers with sophisticated investors seeking collateralized real estate investment opportunities. Of the 970 real estate investments provided to 41 borrowers in 11 states, Ignite Funding and their investors have made it possible for the acquisition and development of over 10,000 acres of land, 7,000 residential lots and 600,000 square feet of commercial space.

“These statistics make you realize the impact Ignite Funding has made in communities throughout the Western United States, and we could not do this without our investors and the trust they have put in us,” states Carrie Cook, president of Ignite Funding. Ignite Funding attributes its success to the full-service real estate investor experience. “Outsourcing is not an option for us, as we stand behind every real estate investment originated for our investors from cradle to grave. Investors will never be passed on to another loan servicer or asset manager,” Cook stated.

When Ms. Cook says “cradle to grave” it deserves an explanation of the detail involved. Ignite Funding is unique in their approach, not just being a broker of the real estate transaction. Ignite Funding handles the loan underwriting and origination process to mitigate the risk of the real estate investment. They raise capital from investors through various marketing channels and most importantly word of mouth. They act in the capacity of loan servicer between the borrower and investor to process monthly interest payments, paydowns and payoffs. They coordinate borrower and investor relations with open lines of communication before, during and after the real estate investment. They provide real-time transactional reporting, monthly statements and annual tax reporting available through a customized online client portal. And, if necessary they will complete the foreclosure process of taking back the real estate investment, marketing and disposition.

Another topic not mentioned by Ms. Cook, but is well documented on the company website is their business philosophy to transparency. She did not mention this aspect of the business, but after a visit to the company website it is apparent. With all investments there are risk, but it does speak volumes to see a private company that acts public in the sense of detailing its transactions with the outcomes. Even when the company has had to take back real estate investments through foreclosure the results are on the website for all to see.

Keeping with Their Local Roots

Taking a deeper dive into the Las Vegas community where Ignite Funding calls homes, they are bridging the lending gap for local housing market entry-level homes, priced from $160,000 to $250,000, as well as multi-million-dollar custom designed homes. The Las Vegas market proves that one size does not fit all when it comes to bank financing and homebuyer demographics. With such a diverse spectrum of homebuyers in the Las Vegas valley it is no wonder that Ignite Funding is lending on both ends to the spectrum.

The dream of home ownership is alive and well in Las Vegas and for those seeking a philanthropic investment opportunity, consider this as an option. Philanthropic in the sense that without Ignite Funding investors making it possible for Harmony Homes to acquire and develop land in Las Vegas the homebuilder would not be able to provide
first-time homebuyers the dream of home ownership.

Harmony Homes, Brookfield community is 1,119 sq. ft for $201,400

“Harmony Homes wants to give first-time homebuyers an option to buy a new home rather than buying a resale or continuing to rent,” said Brad Sneed, president of the Las Vegas based Harmony Homes. “We plan to build homes in four new communities in Las Vegas to fill the need. New homes in this price range are almost unheard of in the Las Vegas valley, where prices typically start at least $300,000. Most new home construction skyrockets with custom features, which is why Harmony Homes will offer set interior and exterior packages to keep the costs low,” Sneed said.

From first-time buyers to second and third homes, the prestigious award-winning design of Blue Heron pays close attention to every detail through a comprehensive approach to building an exquisite home. From design build, architecture, interior design and furnishings to the construction of the home that is perfectly suited with the owner in mind. “We look forward to continuing to build upon our tradition of pushing the envelope of design and homebuilding innovation with our newest Vegas Modern showcase home that will debut in 2019 in the MacDonald Highlights community,” said Tyler Jones, owner and founder of Blue Heron.

Blue Heron
The Bluffs
Elegant showcase home is 6,823 sq. ft home valued at over $4 million

Whether you’re a real estate investor seeking an ability to help others achieve first-time home ownership or want to take part in a groundbreaking showcase home perched high above the Las Vegas skyline, consider Ignite Funding and become one of the investors who received a portion of the nearly $45 million in income paid out.

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