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Novak Laser Boutique founder Jennifer Cuevas has pioneered a wide range of noninvasive cosmetic procedures, and beauty treatments that help shed years off your skin. She has made it a personal mission to constantly evaluate unique and new technologies in the global aesthetic market and offer clients only the very best and effective treatments.

Novak Laser Boutique offers many laser treatments ranging from laser hair removal, skin tightening, non-surgical face lifts, body contouring, skin rejuvenation, treatment of Vascular (veins and capillaries) and pigmented lesions, treatment of acne and scarring amongst many. Here is what the beauty expert had to say.

Q: Why did you start Novak Laser Boutique?

Novak was a combination of both what I experienced, and what I hoped to achieve for others. I suffered from really bad acne during my early 20’s. I tried it all— medication, skincare products, and even changed my diet. However, none of it really had an impact on my skin. It wasn’t until I left the United States to travel, that I realized that I wanted to make a difference; not only in my skin, but for other women that suffered from acne like me. From there, it slowly began to unravel, I returned to the US and became a Certified Laser Technician and opened Novak. The more I treated clients, the more I enjoyed my job. I was able to see results. More importantly— my clients saw results. I fell in love with lasers. I am fortunate enough that my job, became more to me. Novak stopped being a business but a purpose for me. The Signature Treatments offered are a result of my drive to offer individualized treatments tailored for each client. Every day I live with the purpose, to help each client find their true beauty.

Q: Can you tell us what has contributed to your success in the beauty industry?

I was born and raised in Acapulco, Mexico. Although, being a Mexican native didn’t necessarily contribute to my success. I think it was the traditional family values I was raised with that made the difference. My parents modeled and instilled a strong work ethic; which I have embraced putting it into practice daily allowing me to get ahead in this competitive beauty industry.

Q: Why do you recommend noninvasive treatments over surgery?

It’s simple, newer laser technology offers result driven treatments without the knife. One of the biggest pros to noninvasive treatments is that they can be specifically tailored to meet each client’s needs without the downtime of surgery.

Q: What’s the biggest problem area most of your clients get treatment for?

The most common problem area is acne. By the time clients come for a consultation, they have usually tried other products and treatments without success. I can offer Laser Acne Reduction or Scar Reduction treatments, which offer noticeable positive results in just a few sessions. Although, each client’s skin treatments may vary, it is an effective noninvasive approach to acne.

Q: Are there any restrictions clients should be aware of before doing laser treatments?

Yes, some light sensitizing medications such as antibiotics, Accutane or chemotherapy. Also, a client’s health or condition may restrict treatments, such as pregnancy or Cancer. Another key restriction is sun exposure. In fact, we cannot perform laser treatments when a client has had recent sun exposure. At Novak Laser Boutique, we try to spend a good amount of time during a scheduled consultation to ensure our clients get all the necessary information and understand each treatment.

Q: What are the benefits of doing laser treatment on the skin?

When done by a knowledgeable and certified laser technician, laser treatments can produce fascinating results. Aesthetically, the possibilities are amazing! For example, laser treatments are able to take years off aging skin, improving skin conditions such as rosacea or acne. Lasers can also be used as a preventive measure to delay aging skin or sun damage.

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