Downtown properties are hot for the taking and residents agree,
work and play where you live for the ultimate Las Vegas lifestyle

On May 15, 2005, the glittering city of Las Vegas turned 100 years old. More than a century ago, the 110 acres of hot dusty desert land was auctioned near the Union Pacific Railroad; today you know this real estate as downtown Las Vegas.

Considering the more than 2 million people living in Las Vegas, the dense population of Downtown may not seem revolutionary. However, the pivotal resurgence of the residential market activity is capturing the attention of marquee businesses, investors, and those longing for vibrant city living.

For downtown, there are 31 available listings in coveted high-rise properties. Pricing ranges from the high $200,000 to just under a million. Based on sheer availability alone, it’s clear there’s a market of people who want to play, work, and live in the same quarters. For this smart city in the making, we are seeing a new look on Las Vegas’ founding turf.

With a residential revival here, the hope is to build a city that not only understands the restrictions of parking, transportation, entertainment, and work within proximity to each other, but to expound on the limitations and think ahead exploring innovative solutions. In an exclusive interview with Las Vegas’ Deputy Director, Jason Thompson, plans to build more residential developments seemed to be a point of excitement for downtown. He elaborated on a couple unique projects the city can expect to see in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2020. Both projects in Symphony Park will be Humphrey Style wrap buildings where a parking structure is built and contained within the residential units. The developments are headed by two groups called Sutherland and Aspen Heights who are amongst the many investors who have identified Downtown Las Vegas as a burgeoning place to work, play and live. “We’ve seen proof of concept on some of the rental product and as market demands For Sale product, you’ll see more people want to invest and purchase”, says Thompson.

With the limited available units one can look to invest or live in downtown, the demand is clearly speaking for itself. and we eagerly await the next incredible chapter.

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