When it comes to business we turned to South Korean businessman, John Rhee a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Lusso Auto Spa & Design. Rhee came to Las Vegas in 2015 from South Bay seeing the vast opportunity Las Vegas had to offer. His diverse skillset is the product of his years of experience as an entrepreneur.

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We sat down for a discussion with Rhee and asked some questions about life as a CEO. His answers below were very enlightening and will certainly inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Here is what he had to say.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your background and what brought you to Las Vegas?

I saw a lot of opportunity here in Las Vegas and felt I could add value by utilizing my business and financial acumen. Las Vegas has such enormous capacity for growth, and I was able to leverage that by investing into a lot of ventures from residential to commercial real estate, as well as embarked in the retail space with restaurants and most recently added child daycare center to my growing portfolio of companies. I also saw a great need for service to accommodate individuals and car enthusiasts like myself who sought quality service, so I founded Lusso Auto Spa & Design.

Q: Can you tell us about Lusso Auto Spa & Design?

Lusso Auto Spa & Design at its core is customer service driven with more than two decades of experience in the automotive detail industry. I had originally created branches in California and sold them for a substantial profit. I noticed Las Vegas really lacked high-quality service for individuals, especially like myself who collected cars or just anyone that wanted quality service at a reasonable price. Everything here seemed too industrial and not service driven.

We also accommodate rides for our clients anywhere free of charge.

“At Lusso, we practice transparency, you can come and watch your car being detailed through our interactive
state-of-the-art facility, while enjoying complimentary refreshments in a luxury comfortable setting.”

Q: What are some of the popular services Lusso Auto Spa & Design offers?

We specialize in paint protection and window tint products, and only top-quality detailing. Our auto spa services feature an exterior foam bath, gentle handwash with high pressure airdry with minimal towel use starting at $28.

Lusso Auto Spa is also, an authorized installer for Ceramic Pro in Nevada and Utah, which is the only coating that guarantees protection from most any daily wear and tear on your car. This is a very popular service we offer, and I highly recommend it; your car is protected from scratches and you never have to wax again.

We also offer luxury body kits and wraps for anyone who wants to protect their paint or wants an entirely new look starting at $1895 with thousands of colors to choose from. The wrapping process takes as little as 3-5 days to finish and is a quick and affordable alternative to painting your car.

Q: What do you love most about business?

You are confronted with a new challenge daily in business. It is both exhilarating and rewarding to know that my gifts and skills have found an avenue for such meaningful expression. Most of us are happiest when we are pursuing our passions and there is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with solving those challenges. Having profitable growth with interesting clients and solving important problems is what keeps me engaged and excited. It’s never boring!

Q: What lessons have you learned along the way?

I benefited from the advice of my mentor significantly. You must always be authentic to the essence of your brand and surround yourself with people who reinforce your brand and its values–not tarnish it. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, relationships matter. Consistency matters. Authenticity and integrity matter. Relationships can be ruined over trivial things. Therefore, you should always emphasize on keeping your relationships in good standing. For me, my ability to impact people’s lives and to add value in interpersonal interactions is very crucial in paving the road to success.

Q: What has personally contributed to your success?

I think discipline, patience, and maintaining good relationships are steps that not only set the stage for longer-term impact and fulfillment, but also lead to success of future endeavors.

Q: Any exciting new developments with Lusso Auto Spa & Design you would like to share with us?

Yes, we have some great developments underway with our third location opening off Tropicana and Polaris here in Las Vegas. Our new location will be conveniently accessible to high-rise residents and Strip clients. We also have two new franchise locations in the East Coast opening later this year.

For more information about Lusso Auto Spa & Design, please visit www.lussoautodesign.com or
call 702 342-9400.


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