March is a good month to take inventory of what you have in your home. What did you use last year as accessories, what do you want to put away and use another time? Are there things you’d like to get rid of because they feel “dated” to you and you would like something fresh.

Time seems to fly by, and we need to take stock of the decorating plans we put on hold for the holidays, dust them off, and get started, if we want to achieve something new for the new season.

What is it you need in your high-rise home? Want a change of color? Stay neutral on the walls and change out art and accessories to achieve a bright new look. I always love going to the market and seeing the fresh flowers with a burst of spring color.

Color is the theme of the season. If you generally use contemporary or modern furniture, the lines are 80 percent straight with added curves of interest. For the most part, you’ll find many in black or white, but recently I have seen some in gray.
That’s great for a start. Now look for an accent or area rug in bold colors. Add a splash of color with chairs, pillows and floral arrangements.

Don’t forget, room sized area rugs, with many different patterns and colors, could help you resolve some of your dull flooring issues.
Needing a whole room of furniture, or just the right accent chairs? The Furniture Place on North Rainbow can offer you some great choices. They also have access to some great silk trees and plants. With the high ceilings, they might have to custom order some trees the right height, but they have fun serving their clients.

I see a lot of stretched canvas art, of many different focus points. There is art and accessories for every theme that can easily transform a space.
Wall coverings are making huge headways back onto the design pallet. These are not just those old papers your mom had all over the house. A centerpiece wall in one of the graphic design wall papers, can become a piece of art, on its own.

Or if you want to make a “WOW” statement, go by the granite and marble stores in your area. I love scooting by there to see the different slabs they have imported in from all over the world. Hang a slab in the living room or dining room, it will really make the area stunning.
Accessorize around it with your rugs, pillows and art.
Don’t forget, this is your home. The wow factor you are seeking needs to be in your desired tastes, so that when you come home, you FEEL at home.

Stone or tile? Wood or carpet? There is so much to choose from. Take your time. Talk to experts who deal in installing flooring in a tower environment. But don’t be talked into something, just because they say that’s what they installed downstairs or next door.

Choose the products best suited to your taste.
Interior designers can help. They are not salesman, they are consultants putting your design needs first. They color coordinate everything, but a good designer will also incorporate things you own into the mix.

All in all, when the projects are complete, the house has been cleaned and put back in order, it needs to say Welcome Home, to you.
Have fun with this process. Don’t get burned out by trying to do everything at one time.

Remember that paint on the walls is just paint. If you don’t like a color, change it. I had a customer who lived with dark brown paneling and deep emerald green flooring, until I worked on a color chart, that suited her personality. When we changed all that, she was suddenly an outgoing, fun person! Yes, color makes a difference in how you feel.
Happy March!

Carol Townsend, ASID
[email protected]


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