While our neighbors in the east are still fighting the throes of winter (Brrrr) we are looking at sunny skies, warm temperatures and budding plants. When my neighbor’s fingers start itching to get their hands in dirt, my fingers itch to visit fabric stores, furniture stores and accessories stores.

What can we do to liven up our living spaces for a change of season? Color, light fabrics, green plants for accessories, fresh cut flowers in big bowls and vases to pop spring into our spaces.

A recent visit to the markets say Big, Bold, and Beautiful is the key to this year’s trends. Throw your idea of what looks balanced out the window. Your space in the tower may look large because of high ceilings, but the space for furniture may be your challenge. Have you seen the huge rattan outdoor swing-chairs that fits two people? The old-fashioned porch swing has been reinvented. These chair swings can go into a corner in your living room or outside. Swing into a lively conversation with your friends.

Let’s talk. There is so many furniture options today that are high on current style but sized for the new smaller spaces we see. Comfort is built into the smaller packages. But what is nice is, accessories may go in the opposite direction.

A huge rope knotted cotton throw can be placed in a reading corner. I saw an ad for these on my phone the other day, they can be made by you… if you’re crafty or they are available to purchase in home décor stores. Just go on a hunting mission see if you find something big, fun and different to add to your space.

How about that huge wall, opposite your media wall? Voila! Have you seen recent digital creations made into great murals? Some come as large as 8’ X 12’, this can bring the outdoors come indoors if you find the right look.

I have a client who just completed designing their balcony looking over the city. They wanted water but plumbing and running the water to the wall was not feasible, so she found a great big oval planter and placed a Water Lily and put a bubbler that was solar operated into the bowl. Filling it was easy, and it fit right in with the tropical mural she added to the wall creating a serene oasis in her balcony.

Play with spring, get light hearted and see what your mood finds. Remember, as the seasons change so can you change the areas if you want to.

Carol Townsend, ASID
[email protected]

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