If you have picked up any of the season’s fashion magazines, color, smooth surfaces and ‘life’ are the theme this year. So let’s look at what this could mean for your home in the sky!

How great do you feel when you buy new shoes or a great new summer dress when you buy them? You want to wear them to any new event you attend, not to just break them in, but to show them off.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at Fashion in terms of your lovely home. Is your living room all that you ever hoped it would be? No? What’s wrong? Is it the color on the walls? The same old pictures you brought with you from your old home, which worked great in that space but look old and tired in your new space?

Start with color or texture on the walls. There are some fabulous new wall coverings that can add glamour to any space in your home. But what could you do with color or new wall coverings, art or a huge slab of granite hung on a major wall?

What would that feel like? Take a trip to a local stone yard. Walk the huge area looking at the slabs with an entirely new thought in mind. What would this beautiful slab of stone look like hanging in my living room or dining room as a piece of art?

You could even position it on a wall as you are going down the hall to your room. Hang it behind your bed as a headboard interest. Place spotlights above and below it to bring that wall to life.

You probably bought your place in the sky because of the beautiful views. But how do you keep the bright sunshine during the day from blinding you? Hang beautiful sheer drapes or motorized blinds on the windows with built in timers. They will be there to diffuse light during the day and automatically open to the evening colors at the specific time you dictate.

A new chair in a great fun pattern can be like that cute, pair of new shoes that caught your eye online.

Paint the focal wall in a room to capture the color of one of your favorite photos. Blow the photo up, frame it or unframe it in canvass or poly glass and voila…you have a new dress on your walls! I saw a wonderful piece online the other day where several fabulous photos of colorful Gerbera daisies were blown up and a collage was created on canvas pieces. It was bold! It was exciting! It added pizazz!

Whatever you do, don’t play it safe. These are just things. Your bedding can be changed by the season, walls can be repainted, and if you are like us, you have dozens of great photos, just stuck in your phone. Artwork can be changed easily in today’s digital world.

As I always say, it’s your home. Have fun! That’s the fashion industry in a nutshell.

D-ZYN your home to be happy!

Carol Townsend, ASID
[email protected]


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