Under the wing of his agent Thomas Pierce, founder of Pierce Media & Associates

Photos Courtesy of Callen Schaub


Canadian abstract painter Callen Schaub, most recognized for his unconventional techniques, launched his New York debut solo exhibition to large crowds – FAKE ART Since ‘95 – at 393 Broadway, on Thursday, April 25th under the wing of Thomas Pierce founder PMA Media, PMA builds authentic audiences for brands and individuals through experiences applying traditional brand growth strategies. Thomas has proven to be a force to be reckoned with delivering and audience and record opening sales, ensuring the (invite only) opening Vernissage event was a big success. Guests enjoyed themed Grey Goose and Patron cocktails, and spin art inspired canapés, with live set by hot New York City nightlife DJ Kieren Taylor. Callen offered live performances creating a social media frenzy daily and intimately mingled with attendees. The artist-directed popup exhibition was a smashing hit, with a sold-out show selling more than 14 fine art pieces in both medium and large scale. Most of the merchandise was also sold out including scarves, t-shirts, stickers, magnets, pillows, and signed fine art prints. The program offered an open-invitation to collectors, fans, families, kids, and fellow painters to be inspired by Callen’s transparent approach and technique which includes two pouring methods, and a canvas spun using a trapeze and pendulum, to experience his live spectacle which seems to always wow avid and new-coming art enthusiasts.

FAKE ART is Schaub’s response is to the digital world of art criticism and his dedication to advocating freedom of expression and inclusivity. Schaub’s colorful and free-wielding paintings seek to celebrate authenticity and imaginative freedom. The artist’s work takes inspiration from the positivity expressed in the online community as well as responding artistically to the experience of being trolled.

Thomas Pierce of Pierce Media & Associates was on the hunt to manage the next big artist, one with unlocked potential. After working with artists such as Andreas Giles, Bradley Theodore, and Ryan Keeley, he was drawn to Callen’s live performances and the ethos Callen lives by to be your true authentic self and to defy naysayers, to celebrate inclusiveness and love for all. Thomas wanted to tap into Callen’s unlocked potential and help break Callen into the US market. Together they defined what it takes to break through the traditional framework of artist representation within the gallery system, one that both Thomas and Callen deeply respect. Thomas feels emerging artists need to think of themselves as entrepreneurs and need to think like a gallery by applying both digital marketing and experience marketing to grow themselves as an artist. “Artists need to find their audience and fan base, with the reach we have in today’s digital world, you can do that without gallery representation. As the end of the day galleries have four walls and several artists, how does an artist compete in the emerging art market when galleries have limited networks of buyers,” says Thomas. Callen says “Instagram for me is an exhibition that doesn’t have a start and end date, collectors and enthusiasts find me, get to know me, relate to me, and support me. Working with Thomas allows me to flush out the noise so I can focus on creating art and content for my fans while he focuses on growing my artist profile and managing my growing business, applying a skillset a traditional gallery would apply. Working with Thomas just works for me.”

About Callen Schaub

Stemming from a diagnosis of dyslexia, a learning disability that primarily affects the skills involved in reading and spelling, Callen Schaub has harnessed his fascination to explore a more universal language, through live art demonstrations as a medium for self-expression. Focusing on the rawness of art, Schaub challenges traditional art-to-canvas painting with his bold, engaging and theatrical performances seeking to redefine how people appreciate and interpret ‘art’.

Schaub has performed more than 120 live shows across Canada and over 10 solo exhibitions, charming audiences across North America with ‘The Arena’ — his portable studio comprised of self-made spin machines, pendulums and trapezes. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Schaub has been performing live trapeze, spin and pendulum paintings for nearly a decade.

For Sales Inquires contact Callen’s Agent Thomas Pierce at [email protected]


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