Discovering new things to try during summer should be something everyone should delve into.


There are hot summer trends on new bathing suit collections, skin care, tanning creams, new make-up and hair trends. What about exploring into some nice summer essential oils? They’re one of the hottest things that are trending right now. Essential oils are mostly made up of different types of plants like leaves, herbs, barks and rinds. Some even have different scents added to them and can be worn as a fragrance. Did you know that essential oils serve many other purposes other than just a fragrance or natural home remedy?

Ignite the Flame

Are you looking for something that will help ignite the feelings of passion between you and a loved one? Two main ingredients that you must focus on that will help stir that feeling of intimacy are Yling Yling and Jasmine. Yling Yling helps not only have been recognized to boost self-love and confidence but also targets in low libido for both men and woman who may need a little help in their lost of intimacy. Jasmine delivers a nice sweet smell as well and is one of the most popular scents in the perfume industry, but did you know that it helps with intimacy by creating the feeling of love and seductiveness.
Ex: Pure Romance, Young Living, DoTerra.

Burst of Confidence

Being confident is one of the biggest and sexiest traits a woman or man should have. To be able to walk around knowing that you truly believe in yourself without second guessing your capabilities. Knowing what you can offer without a doubt in mind. Some of the best essential oils to have are ones that can help relieve stress and fear. Some of the common scents that helps with this are grapefruit, rosemary, cedarwood and orange.
Ex: Pure Romance, Young Living, DoTerra.

Stress Relief

It’s important that we are taking care of our bodies by eating healthy and drinking lots of water. However, it’s important to have a healthy balance when it comes to wellness. Top two fragrances that help deliver the feeling of calmness are chamomile and eucalyptus. Chamomile is best use to eliminate the feeling of stress, anxiety and irritability. It also has anti-flammatory properties that relaxes muscles. Eucalyptus aids the feeling of being irritable and stabilizes the moods.
Ex: Pure Romance, Young Living, DoTerra.


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