Somiar Threads are becoming highly favored in the shoe industry. Handmade and produced with the best fabrics and leather, Somiar delivers quality and offers multiple styles that best fits any occasion.


Each shoe is uniquely designed not only to look your best, but to also make sure that you feel your best.

“Somiar” means “To Dream” and that’s how it all got started, with a dream and a determination for success. Now, Somiar is known world-wide and can be spotted from those who’ve walked the red carpet such as Mario, DJ Nasty and David Correy.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got involved in the shoe industry?

Somiar is owned by three founders, and growing up in urban Philadelphia, sneakers and fashion brands were always a “thing.” For our parents purchasing these sneakers was not easy because of the price tag and when we did get them, we had to take care of them and would only get one pair. Once, we were older and able to purchase these sneakers on our own, we splurged on buying sneakers and high-end brands, but quickly noticed that often time we purchased these expensive brands and the quality was flawed and had a quick turnover. With that being said, we decided to start designing our own shoes and boots. The three of us had a similar up-bringing, but different tastes and Somiar embraces that, having such versatile styles.

Q: Can you tell us about your company Somiar Threads?

“Somiar” means, “to dream” in Catalan, which is a dialect spoken in Spain and our shoes came to life with just a dream, in Spain. Spain is the home of some of the best and longest generation of hand engineers of leather goods, especially shoe cobblers. Because Spain has the finest leather treatment in the world, it was what we valued most, the quality in their work and their leather. We visited the family business, as it was important to us that our shoes were not being manufactured in a “sweatshop.” Once we met them, their 20-year, family-owned history of cobblers, and the way they welcomed us, it became the beginning of an amazing partnership.


Q: What makes Somiar Threads unique?

Somiar is unique in many ways. First, we are not just a mass-producing, high-cost shoe brand, with annual markup. We are a family-owned, family-driven company. Secondly, we create shoes for quality. We understand that the average person works hard for their money and deserves style and quality. Most shoes are just glued on and their resistance to movement, like walking, is minimal and faulty, causing the soles to wear or detach and you find yourself purchasing another pair of shoes. Somiar is composed of the finest leather and Blake-stitched, stacked outer soles with rubber taps that allows you to re-sole your shoe, making them timeless, yet providing traction and safety. Furthermore, because of the quality of the leather, they shape to the owner. Everything from crafting and inspecting the shoes to packaging and shipping the shoes has a personal touch and we pride ourselves on that.


Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Knowing three men from Philadelphia can partake in something so big, like the fashion industry, keeps us going, but staying with the fashion trends and designs is fun and really drives us. There are so many styles for fashion, especially now for men, so the three of us having different tastes, are attracted to different things. The creation of these styles allows us to fuse and blend our ideas to handcraft and produce unique looks. Also, our travels to Spain to see our handcrafters is meaningful and motivating.


Q: What’s trending for the Fall season?

Somiar boots will be trending for the 2019 Fall season! On a serious note, the Fall Fashion season is calling for all gaudy, high couture Chelsea-style boots, for a dressier look. The traditional Chelsea style is made up of suede and not too intricate of detail, but now people want complex details, like multi-chained and belted looks. As for casual ensembles, we have seen a high demand for hiker and combat styles, with ridged soles and rugged details. We have some things in the works and are looking forward to expanding our colors and patterns this Fall/Winter season.

Q: What are the top 3 popular designs for the season?

For us, The Legend and The Valdez are a crowd favorite. We restock and they go quickly. The Winged Valdez also has been popular with our celebrity clients, so we barely have them on-hand. We love getting feedback and ideas from our client base or as we call them, our Somiar Family, and want to deliver. They are constantly demanding The Legend and The Valdez and have even requested them in different colors.


Q: What are some of Somiar Threads greatest accomplishments?

One of our greatest accomplishments has been to work with so many celebrities. Especially, celebrities that we listened to on the radio when we were younger, that we would’ve never thought we’d meet, let alone wear something that we created. We still get excited to work with new celebs and see how they style our shoes. Our greatest accomplishment of them all is coming from what we knew to being heard and having the opportunity to compete with brands that have been around for decades. We compare to compete, and we are honored to do so.


Q: Any helpful tips on shoe care that you can share with us?

Our top tips for any shoes are the use of shoehorns and shoe trees. Shoehorns help with preserving the back of your shoe and easily placing them on your foot without too much impact to your foot or the shoe itself. Also, shoe trees are not just for shaping shoes, cedar shoe trees help to keep the interior of your shoe fresh and free of sweat. Therefore, shoe trees restore shape, scent, and preserve the longevity of your boots and shoes. Our shoes collection come with shoe care tips, shoehorns and shoe trees, as we want you to truly care and maintain your shoes.

Q: Anything exciting launching soon or that you would like to share with us?

Yes, we have a lot of new, never seen styles and are excited to release them. So sign-up, reach out and stay tuned.


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