Fall has officially arrived and now it’s time to start exploring some new fall trends.


Besides the norm of your pumpkin spice everything, it’s time to get creative and express ourselves more diligently with new nail colors. Whether you’re witty, fun, outgoing, shy, whatever your personality may be, there’s always a color that will best accommodate with whatever the outfit of the day is. Find a color that best represents you!

Nude is a color that you can wear with pretty much anything. It’s a color that suits any skin tone and represents class. So, if you consider yourself simple, classy and chic nude is the color for you.

Fuchsia is a color that favors confidence. You don’t mind standing out from all the others and consider yourself unique. You’re one who knows your worth and don’t mind standing your ground.

Red is a common color that’s known to be sexy. You can wear to any dressy occasion or on a simple date night, either way, it represents someone who loves exploring and considers themselves very forthcoming.

Blue is a color that represents one who enjoys peace, love, and harmony. You are your own peace of mind. You know how to handle situations that can come off as stressful and don’t let it get the best of you.

Purple represents royalty. You’re one who walks around with her shoulders pushed back and head held high always. Your strong willed and not afraid to do things alone. You prefer quality over quantity no matter what’s being bestowed before you.


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