My favorite time of the year is upon us.

So, what whimsical look do you want to create for your holiday home? Do you want it to be elegant traditional with greens, reds and golds? Contemporary sparkle in purples, blues and fuscias? It’s your home, your vision and let the season begin.

I love each and every idea or concept I’ve ever helped my customer realize for their home. Sometimes they don’t know how to verbalize their wants but in the end we have not only gained a spectacular display for the holidays, but I’ve gained a friend as well. I think the first time I was introduced to a purple, blue and fuscia dreamscape I was finishing up draping a customer’s windows. She was hauling in boxes of decorations for me to work with. She had paper mâché parrot, cockatoos and Macaws painted and glitzed up in her favorite colors for the season. She had found them in a little shop down across the border and from there we went on a magical, colorful journey. Maybe not everyone’s taste but remember my motto —it’s not what I want but what the customer wants.

Another client loved birds. Of course, that never came out in the original interviews I did to establish a theme, but miraculously when I was placing small birdcages with different birds scattered throughout the tree, on the mantle and down the center of their very long dining room table, his wife got misty eyed and asked how I knew her husband loved the idea of winter birds and berries laced throughout their home. I had decided that their windows were under-dressed, so I took a cue from the colors I was using and draped them with yards and yards of watered silk. When it was time to dismantle everything after the holidays they paid me for the time and materials to leave the dramatic draping in place.

Like white, navy blue and silver? I just spied some white willow like trees that are pre-lit with white LED lights that I can picture being placed in a grouping, in front of a huge window area, and dancing on mirrors. Then the blue and silver can be worked into a white flocked tree, the tree skirt and beyond. Remember, it’s the holidays. Share your unique style with your family and friends.

Work your theme throughout your home. The dining room table can become a showcase. Your patio looking out onto the city below can sparkle and welcome guests into your beautiful space. We look forward to the holidays with our friends, show them how happy you are in your special home —Decorate!

Let the outside in and the inside out. We live in an area where we have fairly nice climates. Yes, it might get a bit chilly and outside warmer towers can handle that. Also, let your food reflect your joyous time with your friends. Sparkling champagne served in silver and blue crystal. Moscow Mules served in copper mugs is the norm —why be normal? Serve them in silver mugs or gold mugs, have a wonderful time whatever you do.

If you are embarking on a project, large or small, consider your many options. Don’t let the project overwhelm you. A professional can make the project easier, freeing up your time and helping you make your decision making process fun rather than stressful. If you are worried about cost, that becomes part of the plan. I’ve said this before but working with a professional can save you time and money. Let them do the hard work so you can enjoy the time with those you love.

Wishing you many happy hours with your holiday peopled with those you want to hold close. Take advantage of this season of peace.

Happy Holidays!

Carol S. Townsend A.S.I.D
Stage This Interior Design
[email protected]

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