Salsa Music Superstar Frankie Negron is changing the way we perceive the music industry.

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With having the capability of specializing in different genres of music, such as, pop, rock, gospel, R&B, hip hop, and Reggaeton, Frankie Negron is always looking for ways to set the bar just one more notch.

Being named “The Genre’s Next Definitive Voice” by All Music Guide since 1997, Negron has won multiple Grammy and Billboard award nominations. He also has been presented with two Premio Lo Nuestro Awards for “Song of the year,” has several number one singles, four gold, and platinum albums and nine Billboard Top 40 Hot Latin Tracks including, “Por Tu Placer” “Comerte A Besos” “Princesa” and “Inolvidable.”

However, it doesn’t stop there, Negron was selected to perform the album’s Spanglish hit, “Holding on to Love” on an episode of ABC’s One Life to Live, where he also appeared with a speaking role. He has spent the past few years performing for his fans but has always returned to where it all began…the studio. Frankie Negron says, “I have a great time on stage, and I enjoy bringing my music to the masses, but I missed the creative part of the music.”

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We were able to get together with Frankie Negron for an interview with High Rise Life and here’s what he had to say.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the music industry?

I went to music school as a young child and I also went to an arts high school. I got my big break at 17 when I met Sergio George, a huge Latin producer.

Q: What separates your music from other Latin/salsa singers?

I would say that what separates my music is my style of delivery of genre. I incorporate all my upbringing and “likes” into my music.

Photo by Chepe Jose

Q: How do you plan on changing the music industry?

I really don’t plan on changing the music industry since it’s constantly changing and evolving. I’m more interested in adapting to the change.

Q: What inspires you to keep producing music?

Life and love inspire me to do music. My fans inspire me to keep going. Some of the stories I hear on how my music inspires many, keeps me going and fuels me to create more.

Q: What has been one of your major accomplishments?

The Grammy nods and platinum songs are a big accomplishment but to me what I get the most pleasure from is how my music has touched so many. To be able to travel the world doing what I love and taking the stage in so many countries is what I can consider my biggest career accomplishment.

Q: Besides music are there any other hobbies that you enjoy?

I enjoy fishing, gardening, playing pool and poker.

Q: What are some life lessons that music has taught you along the way?

Music has taught me so much about life. Too much to make. Let’s just say I grew up in music and it’s taught me to love, to heal, how to keep going and uplift others in the hardest times.

Photo by Chepe Jose

Q: What do you think has contributed to your success?

God has been the biggest contributor to my success. He gave me a talent and I decided early on that I’d make this my life’s path. I have done it for all the right reasons and life’s rewarded and blessed me for it.

Q: What are your future plans after you retire from singing?

I’ll never retire from singing. It’s not a job like a desk job. It’s who I am. They’ll be phases to my career. I’ve already gone into some of those life phases and I’m currently in one. I’m not only experimenting with different genres but I’m also collaborating more. I can see myself writing and producing more for other younger up and coming artists as well in the future.

Q: Are you hosting any festive events for the holidays that we should know about? Or is there anything new that you’d like to share with us?

I have some amazing things hailing for the new decade that I’ll be sharing soon. For the holidays it looks like I may be in Dubai for New Year’s Eve (fingers crossed) but I know for sure that I’ll be in Vancouver and Columbia in December.


  1. Wonderful interview! Getting to know information about Frankie Negrón that I did not know about was exciting! It made me wanting to know more . The only thing was that the interview left me hanging at the end and I thought there was more . Overall loved it!

  2. Very interesting interview. I would like to she Frankie come out with new songs that we fans can hear on the radio. God bless him and I wish him the best of luck.

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