Happiest of holidays and let’s get ready for 2020!

I hope by the time you are reading this you have pushed yourself away from the turkey at Thanksgiving and are rolling up your sleeves for the onslaught of the holidays to come.

Do you have a theme you use for your holiday tree? Do you have an annual party for friends and family? Do you have your decorator on your calendar so that when it is time to party you are not in bed trying to overcome decoration fatigue? I have customers who normally have someone decorating their home so that on the 8th of December they are just as ready to hold up a wine glass for a toast when the parties begin.

Themes are great because then a quick trip to the stores keeps you focused on what you want your home to look like. That can cut down on hours of shopping and being confused by everything bright and shiny you see in their aisles. Trees galore, some sparkling with white lights, some with colored lights, some even sophisticated enough to let you choose between white or colored with a push of their LED button.

Have a desire to do something different this year? Photos from your travels can now be made into glass ornaments. What fun reminiscing over the trips you have gone on with the friends around your table and tree. Don’t forget the Black Friday offerings. Many stores now extend their sales beyond that day so you can scoop up some wonderful bargains.

Let the outside in and the inside out. We live in an area where we have fairly nice climates. Yes, it might get a bit chilly and outside warmer towers can handle that. Also, let your food reflect your joyous time with your friends. Sparkling champagne served in silver and blue crystal. Moscow Mules served in copper mugs is the norm—why be normal? Serve them in silver mugs or gold mugs, have a wonderful time whatever you do.

If you are embarking on a project, large or small, consider your many options. Don’t let the project overwhelm you. A professional can make the project easier, freeing up your time and helping you make your decision-making process fun rather than stressful. If you are worried about cost, that becomes part of the plan. I’ve said this before but working with a professional can save you time and money. Let them do the hard work so you can enjoy the time with those you love.

Wishing you happy decorating for the holidays!

Carol S. Townsend A.S.I.D
Stage This Interior Design
[email protected]

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